MVP Space Race event, Fall Doubles League opener to combine at Ditto on Oct. 22

For additional $5, Space Race competitors have shot at share of club ace pot (stands at $153)
Plus: Glow round begins at 7 p.m. in Little Orleans

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FROSTBURG — The Allegany County Disc Golf Club is joining with Smithsburg-based Disc Culture to facilitate an MVP Space Race event on Oct. 22 at Ditto Farms Disc Golf Course in Hagerstown.

Tee time is 3:30 p.,. On-site packet pick-up begins at 3 p.m. that Sunday afternoon near the practice basket.

The field is limited to 48 players. Players will receive two discs — a Total Eclipse Axiom Paradox and a Total Eclipse Axiom Envy — and will complete the short-to-red layout at Ditto.

Cost is $30 per player and includes prizes for top individual performers in each division, along with modest additional awards for CTPs and aces (“modest” because, after all, you’re paying a lot less than other Space Race event competitors).

Starting holes and card assignments for the Space Race will be posted on and shared on the club’s Facebook page. In addition, an email will be sent two or three days before the Space Race to players who provide legitimate, legible email addresses. We know this might be confusing to some. For questions about any of this, please call or text 301-338-4533 or email

For an additional $5 (optional)

On that same Sunday afternoon, the Allegany County Disc Golf Club is kicking off its nine-week Fall Doubles League season at Ditto and utilizing the same layout. Players will play as solo competitors and complete the traditional 18-basket layout. Tee time is 2 p.m. Afterwards, each player will be randomly assigned a teammate. Combined scores will determine Week 1 Fall Doubles League winners.

The $5 weekly club fee for Fall Doubles League is optional (for all). This means:

  • Players can pay for Space Race entry and still play Fall Doubles League Week 1 at no extra charge;
  • All players who pay the additional $5 optional weekly fee have a shot at a share of the club’s ace pot (which currently stands at $153).
  • All Week 1 Fall Doubles League players, whether they pay the $5 optional fee or not, earns an entry into the random drawing for a free entry into the club’s doubles tournament in March.

Of the club’s $5 weekly optional fee, $3 goes to the club to support things like CTPs, Player of the Month awards, and other club activities. The remaining $2 goes to the ace pot. The club’s ace pot works a bit differently than other disc golf groups’ ace pots. The Allegany County Disc Golf Club believes all aces are equal, financially and otherwise. This means that a a player who throws an ace in Week 1 would not take home any cash that day. Instead, that person who throws an ace would secure for themselves one share of the club’s ace pot, which will grow throughout the season.

For those who pay to play the Space Race event, and want their round to double as a Fall Doubles League round without paying — that is perfectly awesome, too. However, those who don’t pay the optional $5 weekly fee prior to the start of the round will not have a shot at a share of the club’s ace pot.

Payment of the $5 optional fee to the club will be done on site at Ditto prior to the start of a player’s round. Yes, we know we said that twice in a row.

The club’s Fall Doubles League round tees off at 2 p.m. at Ditto. The Space Race tees off at 3:30 p.m. Players should complete only one of those rounds. Should something odd happen and a player completes both, that player’s first-round score will be used.

Unique to the club’s Fall Doubles League format is that players will not know who their partners are at the start of the round this particular week. At the end of the Space Race event, names will be randomly paired (within the club’s divisions whenever possible). The scores for each team’s players will be combined, then ranked for that week, in order to determine the winner.

For those who have not done so already, lifetime club membership is at stake — at no extra charge. Simply completing a round with the Allegany County Disc Golf Club makes a player a member for life. You’re welcome.

There isn’t much a team gets for winning Week 1 of Fall Doubles League. Okay, nothing, really, but featured in a write-up on the club website

However, every player who completes a weekly Fall Doubles League round — paying the $5 optional fee or not — earns an entry into a random drawing (done by divisions) for a free entry into the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s season-ending doubles tournament on March 3, 2024.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Call/text 301-338-4533 or email

End your day with glow disc golf

The Allegany County Disc Golf Club has teamed up with Locust Post Brewery in Little Orleans (15 minutes west of Hancock) to offer an 18-hole glow disc golf experience on the new course in eastern Allegany County.

The free-to-play round will feature 18 holes (two loops of nine baskets) from the short tees. Players can use their new MVP Space Race glow discs and/or any other glow discs they might have. Depending on turnout, the club plans to have multiple CTP prizes.

Tee time is 7 p.m.

A special note

The Allegany County Disc Golf Club is committed to providing support — in terms of outreach and registration — to the Space Race event scheduled for Nov. 25 at Mile Lane Disc Golf in Mount Savage. We encourage Allegany County-based members to support the event as well in whatever ways they can.

The purpose of helping to facilitate the Space Race event in Hagerstown is to expand the club’s footprint a bit. It is hoped that by doing so, some of those Hagerstown-area players will make the trip to Allegany County for a future round of disc golf. With the new, private course in Little Orleans (about 15 minutes west of Hancock).

About Disc Culture
Curious about Disc Culture? Based in Smithsburg, Maryland, and founded in 2023, Disc Culture is your new local disc golf shop proudly carrying MVP, Axiom, Streamline, and more. Stay tuned as we evolve into your go-to destination for all your disc golf essentials.

About the Allegany County Disc Golf Club
The club was founded in May 2022 and already has more than 100 members, approximately one-third of whom are aged 21 and under (which bodes well for the future of local disc golf). Membership is free. The club website is Phone/text 301-338-4533 or email with questions or comments.

More than 90 percent of the club’s programming is free — summer flex, multiple youth league sessions each year, and numerous glow rounds. Come use your new glow Envy and Paradox at some of the club’s glow rounds in Allegany County. All of the club’s glow rounds are FREE to play.



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