K. Mallery moves into 2nd in Summer Flex League standings

C. Mallery leaps Wolodkin for 3rd in Men’s Advanced Division
E. Padovini’s eyes set on 2nd

* Week 12 SFL returns to Mile Lane DGC in Mount Savage
* Fall Youth League Week 2 is Friday, Sept. 8 at Hoffman Park DGC (all players encouraged and welcome)
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CUMBERLAND — With three weeks to play in the 14-week Summer Flex League, there is plenty of excitement for the top three spots in all five divisions in the league’s second season, including:

* Does Colby Mallery have a shot at catching his dad for second?
* Will Sam come back and pass Colby (again) for third?
* Will Stephanie or Krystal finish in second?
* Or will Albina Stiffler sneak up and catch both ladies?
* Will anyone compete against Lily Lick for the Girls’ Division?
* Can Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang hold off Evan Padovini for second?
* Can Brian Padovini pass Keith Raynor for third, or will another Men’s Rec player play spoiler?

Women’s Division

Krystal Mallery earned a third-place finish for Week 11 of the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s Summer Flex League, and it was enough to move her one point ahead of Stephanie Spradlin for second place in the Women’s Division season standings.

Krystal Mallery

Shania Farris, 26, of Wiley Ford, W.Va., earned her 11th consecutive SFL victory with an even par 64, including five birdies. All female players this week played 21 short tees. All baskets were par 3 except for x-3 in the woods (par 4). Farris has a bulldog-like grip on first place, but the race for second and third is exciting.

Krystal Mallery, 50, of Mount Savage, placed third this week behind Albina Stiffler but the four points earned — three for third place, plus one for participation — were enough to vault her past a dormant Stephanie Spradlin for second place.

Farris is in top spot with an insurmountable lead. That much is clear. Mallery now sits in second with 39 points to Spradlin’s 38. Stiffler, 23, of Cumberland, continued her march towards a podium finish for the season. Once again, she finished second and sits in fourth place, only five points behind Spradlin.

While Farris is averaging 6.36 points per week, it’s the fourth-place Stiffler who has the second-highest average with 4.57. So, catching Spradlin and/or Mallery is not out of the question.

Men’s Advanced Division

Colby Mallery, 19, of Mount Savage, led all players and, more importantly, everyone in the Men’s Advanced Division with an eight under par 57. He, along with Bill Shreve, 47, of Cumberland, and Scott Mallery, 55, of Mount Savage, threw bogey-free rounds.

The younger Mallery carded eight birdies and his six points — five for the division win, plus one for participation — helped him jump past a dormant Sam Wolodkin for third place in the division. Mallery now sits eight points behind his dad and 14 points behind Shreve.

Shreve and Mallery tied for second place. Each posted a 58, only one stroke behind Mallery, and both players finished with seven birdies apiece.

Boy’s Division

Josiah Spradlin has nothing to worry about in the Boys’ Division so long as he simply completes one or two more weeks of play. He doesn’t have to win a week to seal his season victory.

But the race for second is exciting. Frostburg boys Evan Padovini, 12, and Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 10, are in a friendly fight for the runner-up spot. Padovini beat him again this week for second, but remains two points behind the younger player for second place.

Josiah Spradlin sits in first with 64 points while his little brother is in second (51) and Padovini third (49). The 13-year-old from Frostburg won the week with a two over par 67. While players in the Boys’ Division could play all 21 baskets from the short tees, Spradlin chooses to play the same layout as the competitors in the Men’s Advanced and Rec divisions. This week, he tied with one Rec Division player and beat another outright.

It appears that Liam Hutter, 13, of Frostburg, will likely finish the season in fourth place. Like Padovini, Hutter began playing this summer and had shown steady progress. However, he suffered a broken arm on Sunday afternoon that will end his season. The next opportunity to watch his smooth-sailing forehand flicks is, unfortunately, several weeks away.

Men’s Rec Division

The season belongs to Tim Farris. Even when he doesn’t win outright, he doesn’t lose his lead.

The 27-year-old from Wiley Ford tied for first this week with Kevin Spradlin, 44, of Frostburg, who was one stroke ahead of Farris until a bogey on the 21st and final basket. The two tied with a six under par 59. Spradlin finished with eight birdies to Farris’ six, but Farris posted the fourth bogey-free round of the weekend and Spradlin had bogeys on long Nos. 4 and 9.

Brian Padovini, 42, of Frostburg, closed the gap a little bit more with a third-place finish for the week. The first-year player finished with a four under par 61 — his best — including a four under par 51 on the traditional 18-hole layout (also his best mark).

Noah Spradlin, 23, of Frostburg, was fourth this week, only two strokes behind Padovini with a 63. Ethan Shreve, 20, of Cumberland, placed fifth with an even par 65. Rick Perkins, 66, of Cumberland, was sixth (67) while Nathan Stiffler, 22, of Cumberland, rounded out the seven-player field with a 71.

Krystal Mallery on the No. 3 short tee at Central Assembly of God DGC in Cumberland.

Albina Stiffler on the No. 3 short tee at Central Assembly of God DGC in Cumberland.

Nathan Stiffler on the No. 3 long tee at Central Assembly of God DGC in Cumberland.


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