Wolodkin, T. Farris earn big wins, take division leads

Week 4: S. Farris, J. Spradlin earn 4th straight wins; Yaeger takes 2nd place
Week 5 returns to Mile Lane Disc Golf

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ACCIDENT — There is an awful lot to unpack from Week 4 of the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s Summer Flex League.

Tim Farris returned to the top of the Men’s Rec Division standings after winning the week, and Keith Raynor closed the gap between second and third to a measly two points. Sam Wolodkin took advantage of an absent Colby Mallery to (a) win the week and (b) slide into first place the Men’s Advanced Division standings. Courtney Yaeger disrupted the Women’s Division with her second-place finish for the week, and newcomer Caleb Hester finished third in the Boys’ Division — only four strokes out of a share of second place.

Through four weeks of competition, 14 players still have a chance at perfect attendance. Last year, only seven players completed all six weeks. This year, SFL is 14 weeks long.

Week 5 of Summer Flex League returns to Mile Lane Disc Golf in Mount Savage. There, SFL competitors will have the chance to earn a bonus point if they record their best, or tie their best mark, during the Saturday Morning Tag League round on Saturday, July 22. Tee time is 10 a.m.

Caleb Hester

Boys’ Division

Yes, Josiah Spradlin won for the fourth straight week, this time by 13 strokes. But that’s not the story. The interesting part is who finished second, third, fourth and fifth — and, in the SFL standings, who is sixth and seventh. You see, there were only five players in the division in SFL 2022. This year, there are seven — and there’s plenty of time to find more players.

Caleb Hester, 12, of Frostburg, completed his first two club rounds — both at The Glades — and posted scores of 93 (good for fourth place) and moving up a spot when he shredded 10 strokes off his first score. The Mount Savage Middle School student doesn’t have great distance, but he is coachable, and he exhibits a great deal of thought and patience on the thought. He didn’t often get into trouble — even on the back nine the second time around — and when he does, he plays smart to get out of trouble instead of staying in it.

Spradlin, 13, of Frostburg, scored a personal best of 66 to lead the division. Evan Padovini, 11, of Frostburg, placed second with a 79. Hester finished third with an 83 while Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 10, of Frostburg, placed fourth (88) and Liam Hutter, 12, of Frostburg, placed fifth (100).

The SFL division standings saw a bit of separation in the top three spots. Spradlin remains atop the seven-player field with 24 points, while Padovini moved up from a tie with Spradlin-Vogelsang into solo second place with 19 points. Spradlin-Vogelsang is in third (17), followed by Hutter, John Youngblood, Hester and Ayden Hollingsworth.

Women’s Division

Ho hum. Another dominant win by Shania Farris. Like Becky Shreve in 2022, Farris, 26, of Wiley Ford, W.Va., is winning by a lot. This time, Farris posted a score of 62 — good for a tie for sixth among 18 total competitors among all divisions in Week 4. Just because there’s a large gap between first and second place — for now, anyway — does not detract in the slightest from her accomplishments.

There was a gap of 27 strokes between Farris and runner-up Courtney Yaeger, 21, of Frostburg. It was Yaeger’s second club round, and her first at The Glades. The club’s prediction is that with continued interest, Yaeger will see dramatic improvement over the remaining 10 weeks of SFL action.

Krystal Mallery, 50, of Mount Savage, rounded out the Women’s Division with a third-place finish, which helps her leapfrog Stephanie Spradlin, 43, of Frostburg, into second place in the SFL division standings through four weeks. Farris is first with 26 points, while Mallery (16), Spradlin (15), Yaeger (8) and Ashleigh Hollingsworth, 34, of Frostburg (3).

The points system for Week 4 of Summer Flex League.

Men’s Rec Division

It was Tim Farris, Keith Raynor and everybody else this week.

Farris, 27, of Wiley Ford, posted the division’s hot round with a three under par 57. Raynor, 47, of Vale Summit, was only one stroke behind with a 58. The next four players in the weekly results were only four strokes apart: Kevin Spradlin, 44, of Frostburg (62), Brian Padovini, 42, of Frostburg, (63), Noah Spradlin, 23, of Frostburg (65) and Tim Lick, 33, of Cumberland (66). Rick Perkins, 62, of Cumberland, played his first round at The Glades and finished seventh this week with a 78. It should be noted that Lick was the only player who completed a round in this division in less than ideal conditions. Though hot and humid for everyone, Lick’s back nine late Monday included strong wind gusts and a downpour.

Farris reclaimed the division lead, in front of the 13-player field with 23 points. Kevin Spradlin is second (22), while Raynor is third (20). Noah Spradlin is in fourth (11), followed by Padovini (9), Perkins (8) and Lick (6).

Men’s Advanced Division

Sam Wolodkin, 21, of Frostburg, earned his third club victory — and first in Summer Flex League play — with an eight under par 52 at The Glades. Only two other division players completed a round this week. Bill Shreve, 47, of Cumberland, and Scott Mallery, 55, of Mount Savage, tied for second (57 apiece).

With the win — and with Colby Mallery (two firsts and a third over the first three weeks) sitting out this week — Wolodkin jumped past Colby Mallery in the standings with 22 points. Colby Mallery dropped to second with 18 points, followed by Scott Mallery (16) and Shreve (15). Ethan von Hagel, 20, of Cumberland, is fifth (11) in the eight-player division.

Week 4 results of Summer Flex League action at The Glades at Meshach Run in Accident.

Updated Summer Flex League division standings after Week 4 competition.

Evan Padovini

Caleb Hester

Rick Perkins



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