Ace on 6 propels Shreve to victory at The Glades

Shreve takes lead on No. 16
Next up: Glow round Tuesday, March 14 at Mile Lane DGC

ACCIDENT — Meshach Browning would likely have approved.

With a light snow falling, crisp winter temperature hovering around 30 degrees and steady 16 mph winds, six hearty souls stepped to the tee pads to take on all 18 baskets at The Glades at Meshach Run Disc Golf Course in Accident. It was the club’s first organized round since the back nine baskets were installed late last fall. If the first half of the course is an analogy to the rat race of city life — plenty of open holes for big arms — then the back nine in the woods is akin to pure country living.

And it was in the peace of those woods that Bill Shreve found his groove while in the middle of a dogfight during a casual round with the Allegany County Disc Golf Club. Browning, a longtime hunter and conservationist, could have appreciated Shreve’s ability to find an internal setting within the woods, one that set a standard which his competitors could not meet.

Shreve, 46, of Cumberland, improved on a one-stroke lead at the midway point to run away from the field, finishing with a three over par 63 on Sunday, winning by six strokes.

His effort included two birdies and an ace with his orange Innova Star Destroyer on No. 6. It was the third ace in club history and second at The Glades. Caleb Campbell, of Oakland, threw an ace on No. 4 in August 2022 in Week 5 of Summer Flex League. Tasha Scolaro, 38, of Martinsburg, W.Va., scored an ace on No. 5 during a Fisher Cup round on Jan. 16 on the red layout at Ditto Farms in Hagerstown.

Shreve said he’d gotten a “black ace” — a hole in one into the wrong basket — with the same disc but this was the first traditional ace.

Boy, did he need it. Shreve was in a snowy throw-off with Keith Raynor, 46, of Vale Summit, and Shania Farris, 26, of Wiley Ford, W.Va., for most of the round. Even with his ace, Shreve was tied with Raynor at 30 after the front nine and Farris was a stroke behind. Shreve and Raynor pulled two strokes ahead of Farris on No. 10 when they both managed birdies.

Raynor then took a one-stroke lead on the field when he threw for par on  No. 12 while both Shreve and Farris bogeyed the par 4 basket. All three players threw for par on No. 13 — then Shreve took over.

On No. 14, Shreve was one of only two players in the field to throw for par — the other was Kevin Spradlin, 44, of Frostburg, who was five strokes off the pace at that point (it got worse for him). At that point, Shreve led Raynor by one and Farris by three.

Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 9, of Frostburg, was overjoyed to hit the gap and make this difficult putt in the woods

Raynor forged a tie when he threw for par on  No. 15 while Shreve bogeyed. Then things began to change — for Shreve, for the better; for the worse for everyone else.

Shreve threw for par on the next two holes, needing only six strokes to complete them. Meanwhile, both Farris and Raynor found trouble in the trees, and each needed 10 strokes to finish the same two baskets. With only one basket remaining, Shreve suddenly had a four-stroke lead on Raynor and led Farris by six strokes.

Shreve threw for bogey on No. 18. So did Farris. Raynor threw for triple bogey, which put him into a tie with Farris at 69. Tim Farris, 26, of Wiley Ford, finished fourth with a 70. Spradlin took sixth with a 72, while Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 9, of Frostburg, finished with a 94.

Club notes

* The ace pot remains at $153; the ace pot is not available for casual rounds during the month of March.

* The next scheduled round is a glow round on Tuesday, March 14 at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage. Tee time is 7:30 p.m.

* All six players traveled to Hoffman Park in Frostburg after the round in order to walk and review the proposed layout for the Hoffman Park Ace Place Disc Golf Course. The plan is to set up a temporary basket on a couple of holes in March before finalizing the layout. Then, three or four workdays in April should have the baskets installed and the course playable.



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