Shreve-Campbell duo cruises to Week 1 doubles win

Davies, Spradlin rally for Rec Division victory
Davis, Spradlin-Vogelsang team up for top spot in Youth Division

* Fall Doubles League details – click here 
* Ace Race set for Nov. 26 – 9 spots remain

MOUNT SAVAGE — No opponent should want to give Caleb Campbell a second chance.

The 19-year-old from Oakland had a moment to take a second look at the 12 holes from the long tees at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage. He made the most of it.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Keith Raynor goes for the putt on No. 12.

Campbell led all four players in the Advanced Division in the opening week of the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s Fall Doubles League with a seven under par 32 on the back 12, leading his two-person team to victory.

Campbell finished with a 10 under par 68, while teammate Bill Shreve, 46, of Cumberland, recorded a 74. Together, their 142 dominated the division. Scott Mallery, 54, of Mount Savage, and Nick Willmon, 28, of Oakland, finished with a combined 154 — 71 for Mallery and 83 for Willmon. As it was for Campbell, it was Willmon’s first time on the course.

Campbell threw seven of his nine birdies on the back 12, and added an eagle on No. 7 the first time around for good measure. He and Shreve led by five strokes at the midway point, but pulled away seemingly on cruise control over the second half.

Players in all divisions were limited to three discs each, in part to prepare for the Ace Race hosted by Mile Lane Disc Golf on Nov. 26. Advanced Division players completed 24 holes, all from the long tees. In this first week of Fall Doubles League, players competed in a combined score format. Essentially, they played as single players and combined their totals over 24 holes with that of their teammates.

Shreve added seven birdies in the winning effort, including five on the back 12. In the second-place effort, seven of Mallery’s 10 birdies came on the back 12 as he chopped off five strokes from his front 12 performance.

Eleven players competed in three division in this, the first of nine weeks of Fall Doubles League.

Rec Division

Rec Division players also played a combined score format. The only difference is they played 12 holes from the short tees and 12 from the long.

For Nic Davies and Kevin Spradlin, well, thank goodness for the long tees.

An eagle from Davies on the 24th and final hole capped a furious fourth-quarter comeback for the pair to earn the Rec Division win.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Nic Davies for the putt – and the eagle – on No. 7.

Davies, 26, of Mount Savage, and Spradlin, 43, of Frostburg, trailed Keith Raynor, 46, of Vale Summit, and Matt Marsh, 20, of Oakland, by four strokes after 18 holes. Davies and Spradlin combined to wipe out the deficit — and then some — by gaining nine strokes on five of the final six holes. Spradlin birdied No. 8 while the other three threw for par. Marsh bogeyed No. 9, costing his team a stroke. Marsh double bogeyed No. 10 — putting the two teams in a virtual deadlock with only three to go.

All four players threw for par on No. 11, On No. 12, Davies and Spradlin gained a two-stroke advantage by throwing for a combined seven strokes to nine strokes for Team Raynor-Marsh. Davies’ eagle on No. 7, along with Spradlin’s birdie, capped the rally and the win.

Raynor and Davies each threw 66 — nine under par on the par 75 layout — while Spradlin threw 75, or one stroke better than his course average over nine weeks of Saturday Morning Tag League. Marsh finished with 80. Raynor finished with 12 birdies, including on nine of 12 baskets (75 percent) on the front 12. Davies nearly matched him, throwing nine total — including eight on the front 12 (66.7 percent) — plus the eagle on the final basket.

Spradlin tallied four birdies — two on the front 12, two on the back 12 — while Marsh, playing the course for the first time, bagged all four of his birdies on the front 12.

Spradlin’s score was paired with the 78 posted by Noah Spradlin, 23, of Frostburg. Together, their 153 earned third place in the division. Noah Spradlin finished with five birdies, including three on the back 12. His 78 was six strokes better on the 24-hole “tournament” layout than his previous best of 84, established earlier in October.

Youth Division

As Noah Davis and Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang faced no competition over 24 holes from the short tees (par 72), they feared nothing.

They threw. They experimented. And when they didn’t get the result they wanted, they tried again.

Davis, 8, of Frostburg, threw his only birdie of the day when it counted most. His threw from the wooden tee pad on No. 3 landed inside the circle of the island hole. The hole doubled as the CTP basket — closest-to-the-pin. No measurement was needed, as Spradlin-Vogelsang’s throw landed outside the circle.

Davis finished with a score of 101 for the day, or 29 over par. Spradlin-Vogelsang, 9, of Frostburg, was second with a 104. Their combined score of 205 earned a first-place finish in their division.

Spradlin-Vogelsang and Davis each threw for par on five of 24 holes — 20.8 percent. It was both players’ first time completing 24 holes in a single day.

Week 1 notes

* Caleb Campbell won CTP on long No. 8. Davis selected an MVP Glitch (short No. 3), while Campbell took home a Legacy Pinnacle Bandit.

* Week 2 is set for Sunday, Oct. 30, with a 2 p.m. tee time at Central Assembly of God in Cumberland.

* The ace pot now stands at $12. A total of $48 was raised for the club’s pursuit of a public disc golf course in Frostburg.

* The points standings will be released after Week 3. Points are earned weekly based on a mix of participation and performance.

* Top points-winners in each division are vying for free entry into the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s tournament on March 4: the Allegany County Disc Golf Doubles Championships.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Keith Raynor goes for the putt on No. 12.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Noah Davis on his approach shot on No. 7.

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