Shreve duo, Spradlin earn Week 1 ‘Flex’ victories

Mallery, Spradlin and Logan earn runner-up finishes

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CUMBERLAND — Bill Shreve is a pretty good disc golf player. On Sunday evening, he was, once again, pretty good. But his wife was dominant.

Becky Shreve, 41, of Cumberland, extinguished any doubt about the Week 1 winner of the Summer Flex League women’s division would be as she threw for par on 67 percent of the 18-hole layout from the red tees and threw birdies on three others for a division-best score of 1 over par 55.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Becky Shreve throws from the red tee on No. 14 — a throw that looked like it had a chance to be an ace. Instead, Shreve earned one of her three birdies.

It was, Bill Shreve said, “the best round she has ever played.”

Shreve easily outdistanced runner-up Stephanie Spradlin, 42, of Frostburg, who threw a 73 in what was her first time playing 18 holes on a disc golf course. Spradlin’s effort included throwing for par four times.

Bill Shreve, meanwhile, escaped with a one-stroke victory in the men’s division. Shreve, 46, of Cumberland, went into his Sunday evening round knowing that the Mallery duo from Mount Savage — Colby, 18, and father Scott, 56 — were leading the pack. Colby had scored a 53 on Saturday morning while the elder Mallery finished one stroke behind (54). Shreve walked off the course after the front nine to regroup. He indicated he was less than impressed with his score of 2 under par 25 on the first nine baskets — including a bogey on No. 4.

From the longer white tees, however, Shreve found his rhythm. Though he birdied just one hole (No. 14) on the back nine, he made par on the other eight to finish with a back nine score of 27.

There was more drama between the Mallery men, who played together Saturday morning. Scott Mallery led by three strokes after only three baskets, but the. younger Colby finally managed to pull even on No. 16. The two threw for par on No. 17 and Colby birdied No. 18 while Scott threw for par. Colby threw five birdies overall en route to the second-place finish, while dad Scott earned four birdies.

Kevin Spradlin, 43, of Frostburg, finished with a 3 over par 58, good for fourth place in the men’s division. Noah Spradlin, 22, of Frostburg, completed his first 18-hole round of disc golf — and only the second time he has played the sport — with a score of 70 (notably, two strokes better than his father’s first round at Central in August 2021). Noah Spradlin made par on five baskets. Todd Logan, 43, of Frostburg, stepped foot on a disc golf course for the first time and threw a respectable 71 under a hot Sunday afternoon sun. Logan threw for par five times, including four in a row on the front nine.

In the youth division, 12-year-old Josiah Spradlin, of Frostburg, took a day off from being on the pitcher’s mound for his baseball team to toss a personal best 8 over par 62 from the red tees. Spradlin cut five strokes off his previous best by throwing for one birdie and throwing for par on 10 baskets, including stretches of four, three and two in a row. Spradlin beat out fellow hurler Kaleb Logan, 12, of Frostburg, for the win. Logan played the first round of disc golf of his young life and finished with a 74. Logan attempted several forehand throws and had some exciting rollers as he made par four times (Nos. 1, 12, 17 and 18). Logan got better on the hot Sunday afternoon. He threw a 38 on the front nine, figured some things out, and managed a 36 on the back nine.

Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 8, threw a hot Saturday afternoon round of 90, including a 47 on the front nine and a 43 on the back nine despite tiring under an unrelenting sun.

This uDisc screenshot shows the top three players in the men’s division separated by only two strokes.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Bill Shreve eked out a one-stroke victory over Colby Mallery.

Week 2 of the six-week Summer Flex League is June 17-20 at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage. As the course is on private property, it is important for each player to obtain permission of property owner Scott Mallery (304-790-9987 / to play a round between Friday (June 17) and Monday (June 20). 

League play continues for two weeks each in July and August. The league welcomes players of all ages and abilities but is geared towards providing a friendly format for players new to the sport. Of the 11 players to complete a round in Week 1, two played disc golf for the first time and four completed their first round of 18 holes.

Both league play and club membership are free. Prizes will be awarded in late August and will be based on a mix of performance and participation.

For more information, call or text 301-338-4533.

The Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s Summer Flex League debut went off without a hitch. The first week included six new players to area league play, including four who completed their first 18-hole rounds, and had a health mix of men, women and youth in the field.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Kaleb Logan was one of four players who completed their first-ever 18-hole rounds of disc golf during Week 1 of the Summer Flex League.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Josiah Spradlin, 12, won the youth division in Week 1 by 12 strokes.

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