Mallery, Shreve, Spradlin, Huff lead SFL standings after Week 2

The first Summer Flex League standings have been released after Week 2.

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* Week 2 results
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FROSTBURG — Two weeks down, four weeks to go. And in three of the four divisions, leaders and contenders are separated by as few as three points (and in one case, only two points).

The inaugural Summer Flex League, facilitated by the Allegany County Disc Golf Club, now has competitors in all four divisions — men’s and women’s and, for those 17-and-under, boys’ and girls’. Week 2 of play, which took place at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage from June 17-20, saw a 38.5 percent increase in participation. Thirteen players completed at least one 18-hold round in Week 1, while Week 2 participation exploded to 18 players. Players can complete as many rounds as they want within the given time period each four-day league weekend, but only one round — the best — will count for scoring purposes.

But enough about that. What you’re really here to find out is how a player — read, you — accumulates points in the Summer Flex League standings. End-of-season prizes will be accumulative — that is, weekly winners are merely for bragging rights and earning points. Men and women are playing for a modest cash award. The total prize purse will not be released until after Week 6, but let’s be real. If any local player is playing this league to get rich, they should just stop. Now. We’re thinking a male or female division winner will be able to refill the gas tank (at least partially, given current prices). Seriously, if you’re in it for the cash, stop.

The two youth divisions are for players under the age of 18. They are not playing for cash, but for gift cards.

How “deep” each division, or category, awards cash depends in large part on participation — and that depends largely upon you. Through Week 2, the men’s division has 12 players, there are four players in the women’s division, three in the boys’ division and only one in the girls’ division. To be eligible for end-of-season awards, players should complete the specified course layout in at least three of the six weeks of league play.

How to earn points

For anyone who is familiar with the points system used in the Western Maryland Disc Golf Fall/Winter Doubles League race for Most Valuable Player over the 2021-22 season, this part will look familiar. But the Allegany County Disc Golf Club has separated players into divisions, as already noted. As in the Fall/Winter Doubles League, points will be awarded for a mix of performance and participation.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Colby Mallery takes weekend breaks from being a summer camp counselor to lead the area on local disc golf courses.

Here’s how you earn points:

  • In a given week, a player will earn, upon a completed round, 1 point for participation, and on a 5-4-3-2-1 system for finishing in first, second, third, fourth or fifth place, respectively. Bill Shreve, of Cumberland, won Week 1. He earned five points for the win and one point for participation, for a total of six points. Easy, right?
  • To incentivize regular participation in this six-week league, which spans over three months from June through August on three courses, players can earn bonus participation points. Here’s how this works, again using Bill Shreve as an example (sorry and thanks, Bill). Shreve played for a second consecutive week in Week 2 — tied for fifth — so he earned one point for participation, one point for a share of fifth place, as well as two bonus points for playing in his second consecutive week. Even if he plays but finishes out of the top five in Week 3, Shreve could earn one participation point plus three bonus points for having playing in three straight weeks.
  • In the event of ties — and there were plenty of them in Week 2 — it works like this … Let’s use the men’s division results from Week 2 as an example. Colby Mallery and David Warder tied for first. They each earned five points for the shared win, and one point for participation. Of course, Mallery also earned his two bonus points for his second consecutive week of league play. But the tie for first means there was no second place, and Ethan von Hagel and Sam Wolodkin tied for third (that’s how results in sports generally work). They each earned one participation point in Week 2, plus three points for finishing with a share of third.
  • As this is a new league, it’s possible there will be kinks and, yes, even mistakes, in the process. Please feel free to send a text to 301-338-4533 at — like a league round — your convenience, and they’ll be addressed as quickly, thoroughly and decisively as possible.
  • There are no points awarded for aces. You get bragging rights and that’s about it.

The current leaders:

AlleganyPlayground photo
Karli Huff, 12, leads the girls’ (17-and-under) division.

Girls’ division

This one’s easy. Karli Huff, 12, of Frostburg, is in a category of one. She’s the prohibitive favorite at the moment.

Boys’ division

Josiah Spradlin, 12, of Frostburg, is an interesting character. He sometimes acts as if he could not, in fact, care any less. Then he throws a 67, quietly decides he’s not happy with that, and comes back to throw a second round — and best-ever round on 18 holes — of 58.

Spradlin led his younger brother, Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, by only two strokes at the midway point. Luke, one day before turning 9, had his best round ever despite steady winds of 18 mph with gusts up to 32 mph. Josiah apparently decided that was too close, and two days later finished out the league week with his personal best of 58.

That leaves Spradlin, with two wins in two weeks, with 14 points, and Spradlin-Vogelsang, with finishes of third and second place, respectively, in second place overall with 11 points. Kaleb Logan, 13, of Frostburg, is third with five points.

Men’s division

Colby Mallery, 18, of Mount Savage, has combined a second-place finish in Week 1 and a tie for first in Week 2 into leading the men’s division with 13 points. He’s followed closely by Shreve, 46, of Cumberland, who is in second with 10 points (first place in Week 1, tied for fifth in Week 2). Scott Mallery, 54, of Mount Savage, sits in third with seven points, followed by Kevin Spradlin, 43, of Frostburg, and David Warder, 31, of Frostburg, who both have six points for a share of fourth place.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Josiah Spradlin, 12, has two wins in two weeks of Summer Flex League — and seems to enjoy it.

Noah Spradlin, 22, of Frostburg, sits in sixth with five points, followed by Sam Wolodkin, 20, of Frostburg, and Ethan von Hagel, 19, of Cumberland, who each have played only one week but already are tied for seventh place with four points apiece. Devon Spiker, 19, of Frostburg, sits in ninth place alone with three points while three players sit tied for 10th with one point each: Todd Logan, 43, of Frostburg, Nic Davies, 26, of Mount Savage, and Ethan Shreve, 18, of Cumberland.

Women’s division

With wins in each of the first two weeks, it’s no surprise that Becky Shreve, 41, of Cumberland, leads the women’s division with 14 points. While Shreve defeated Stephanie Spradlin, 42, of Frostburg, by 18 strokes in Week 1 and six strokes in Week 2, Shreve holds a narrow two-point lead. Joining the fray in Week 2 was Krystal Mallery, 50, of Mount Savage, and her daughter, Nicole Davies, 27, also of Mount Savage. Nic Davies offered some good-natured ribbing that they couldn’t let his mother-in-law’s round of 77 stand, but it did just that, as Mallery held off her daughter by three strokes.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Colby Mallery is the men’s division leader after two weeks of play.

AlleganyPlayground photo
Becky Shreve: Two weeks. Two wins. Division leader.


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