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MOUNT SAVAGE —Week 2 of the Allegany County Disc Golf Club‘s Summer Flex League runs from 8 a.m. on Friday, June 17, until 9 p.m. Monday, June 20 at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage.

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It is recommended that players look at the basket while putting.

Before you play, there are a few things you should know. Keep in mind that the idea of a flex league does not rule out playing with others, so if you haven’t already played Mile Lane, please don’t let the layout confuse you. Instead, invite someone else who has played to go with you. Can’t find a partner? Call or text 301-338-4533 and we’ll do our best to find you a guide.

  • This week’s layout is the Standard Layout (18 holes). All players will choose this option when checking in under “events” on the uDisc app. Keep in mind, however, that females and youth (ages 17-and-under) can elect to play from the blue (short) tees for all 18 holes.
  • Due to the high grass in the field across from the course, holes 1 and 12 should be played from the short (blue) tees. If a player elects to throw from the long tee and ends up in the hay field, there is a penalty stroke (this is true even if the player finds their disc). The goal here is to prevent lost discs, so play blue and keep it clean.
  • The course will be available for play. While participants can still message or text property owner Scott Mallery (304-790-9987) for a tee time, Mallery has offered league players pre-approved tee times from 8 a.m. to dark each day (Friday through Monday) of league play.
  • Preferred parking: One spot directly in front of the house, and additional parking at the top of the far (lower) driveway. Be sure to stay on the driveway, as the land can become very muddy. See David for details.
  • If multiple groups are playing at the same time, there might be instances where their paths could cross. Players should be aware of this and let the group that is further along in the 18-hole round pass through before continuing on a hole.
  • The course was mowed and trimmed on June 10 but with the potential for rain this week, the grass could get a little high. Dress appropriately (always check for ticks after play).
  • As of noon on June 14, the resident continues to have difficulty with garbage collection services. If an abundance of trash and debris is still present — you’ll know if it is — and a disc would come to rest in that area, the player would be able to throw their next shot where the disc entered the area of trash.
  • Just past the tee pad for No. 8 (in the woods) to the right, a tree has fallen over and lodged itself in the limbs of another tree. Players should not linger under that tree.

Any questions can and should be directed to 301-338-4533 (call or text). Please keep in mind the club is an all-volunteer effort and there could be times when an immediate response is not available.



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