McKenzie charged with attempted rape, kidnapping

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An 18-year-old Rockingham man is in trouble with the law again, this time on charges of attempted rape, first-degree kidnapping and a “crime against nature” — all three felonies — stemming from an incident that allegedly took place June 3 at his home.

, of West Eason Drive, was arrested by personnel from the Richmond County

Jacob McKenzie

Jacob McKenzie, of West Eason Drive, was arrested Thursday by personnel from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and the North Carolina Adult Probation and Parole division.

McKenzie also was charged with probation violation. McKenzie was ordered held without bond on the attempted rape and kidnapping charges and ordered held on a $15,000 secure bond on the charge of probation violation. He was processed and confined to Richmond County Jail.

This is not McKenzie’s first brush with the law. He was accused in May 2014 of shooting someone during an argument in  Hamlet. He was arrested again in August 2014 for allegedly breaking and entering into an Eason Drive church.

McKenzie is scheduled to appear in Richmond County District Court on Monday regarding the breaking and entering case. He’s scheduled for a June 29 District Court appearance for the latest charges.

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  • hanktuesday

    The man? He is still a boy and if we had some good male leadership in this county, something or someone that can lead these young men into the right direction, it possibly could save this fella from a hard life. I believe all it takes is some truly concerned citizens to put a organization together to help these types of individuals. The law just wants to put these kids faces all over the media and charge them with felonies that will follow them for the rest of their lives. He could straiten himself out with a father figure to lead him in the right direction, somebody has got to address these boys. To teach them self respect, someone that can pat them on the back and lead them, help them set a goal to work for. That’s what “our job” as older adults is, to guide for the betterment of the individual.

  • Jerry Tilley

    Oh shut the hell up.

  • hanktuesday

    No Jerry, I won’t shut up. I won’t shut the he’ll up.

  • hanktuesday

    Hell… Spellcheck kicked in

  • hanktuesday

    Obviously your not getting my point. There are more people in prison in the united states then all the rest of the countries combined. There is a moral/leadership problem, in this country. There are to many people like you not recognizing it. It’s someone else’s problem, no it’s everyones problem. Putting everyone in prison isn’t the answer, there’s a breakdown somewhere that needs to be fixed.

  • Flower Child

    so if it was your kid would you be saying the same thing?

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