Filing period for 2015 elections opens July 6

By Kevin Spradlin

ElectionThe Richmond County Board of Elections will open at 8 a.m. on Monday, July 6. Practice generally dictates the filing period opens on the first Friday in July, which is July 3, but that is a recognized holiday in connection with Independence Day, said Connie Kelly, county elections director.

The filing period will close at noon on Friday, July 17.

Important election dates and deadlines

July 6 at 8 a.m. — Filing begins
July 17 at noon — Filing ends

Sept. 11 — Registration books close for Dobbins Heights election
Sept. 24 — One-stop voting begins for Dobbins Heights election
Sept. 29 — Last day to request absentee ballots by mail for Dobbins Heights election
Oct. 3 — One-stop voting ends at 1 p.m. for Dobbins Heights
Oct. 5 — Absentee period ends for sick, disabled at 5 p.m. for Dobbins Heights
Oct. 5 — First day to request absentee ballots by mail for November elections
Oct. 6 — Dobbins Heights Election Day
Oct. 9 — Registration books close for November election
Oct. 22 — One-stop voting begins at 8 a.m. for November elections
Oct. 27 — Last day to request absentee ballots by mail for November elections
Oct. 31 — One-stop absentee voting ends
Nov. 2 — Absentee period ends for sick, disabled at 5 p.m. for November election
Nov. 3 — Election Day

In Dobbins Heights … 

The town of Dobbins Heights will conduct its election October. Mayor Antonio Blue, who lost his bid to unseat Republican Richard Hudson in the U.S. House of Representatives, is expected to face at least two challengers who have been active in town activities in recent months.

Town Council members Mary Ann Gibson and Gracie C. Jackson, both Democrats, are up for re-election as well. Jackson, however, has indicated she will not seek another term.

November will see municipal elections for Rockingham, Hamlet, Ellerbe, Hoffman and Norman.

In Rockingham … 

Mayor Steve Morris, a Democrat, is up for a second two-year term as the head of the county’s largest city. Three City Council members — C. Bennette III, Denise A. Sullivan and John P. Hutchinson — also face re-election bids. In addition, Travis Billingsley’s seat is up for grabs in a separate election. Billingsley resigned in April to accept a job promotion. Council members voted to appoint Anne Edwards to fill the seat until the election.

Deane and Sullivan are Democrats while Hutchinson is unaffiliated.

In Hamlet … 

Mayor Bill Bayless is expected to seek a second term in office and continue to oversee the city’s transition in leadership. Since Bayless won his first term in October 2013, when he ran unopposed, the city has replaced its city manager, police chief, parks and rec director as well as its museum manager and downtown coordinator — which is again vacant.

In addition, City Council sats held by Johnathan Buie, Tony Clewis and Pat Preslar are up for grabs. Buie, unaffiliated, is expected to seek re-election, while Clewis’ status is unknown. Preslar, who like Clewis is a Democrat, has indicated he will not seek re-election.

In Ellerbe … 

Mayor Lee Berry is expected to seek a second two-year term in office. Berry is registered as unaffiliated.

Democrat Town Council members Buddy Cooper and John Sears Jr. are up for re-election.

In Hoffman … 

Voters have a chance to keep the status quo or vote in significant, as the mayoral seat and all five town council seats are up for grabs.

Mayor Tommy Hart is expected to seek a second term at the helm of Hoffman. On Town Council, members Ricarrdo Anderson, Althea Sloan Cobb, Rory Kevin Jones, Daniel Kelly and Cynthia Northcutt must decide whether or not to seek re-election.

Each of the current officeholders are Democrats.

In Norman … 

Like Hoffman, voters in the county’s northernmost municipality of Norman will be able to keep the status quo or vote for change.

Mayor Kenneth Broadway’s seat is up for grabs, as are the seats for Town Council members and fellow Democrats Stephen Cranford, Tonia Collins and Cynthia Ingram.

In 2016 … 

Kelly noted that House Bill 589, passed by state lawmakers, includes not only the Voter ID law still on the books and ready to be implemented for the 2016 election but also will change North Carolina’s presidential primary election.

Advocates for the change felt the state’s original primary election date was too late to matter. It will not be separated from the typical May contests and Richmond County voters will begin to choose their new president no later than February. An exact date has not yet been set.

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  • moedeberry

    Its finally about that time to get these we have in office here now a run for their money and hopefully we will get it done right completely this time . These that we have now have in office here has got to go , so get out and register and vote for the change that is gravely needed for Rockingham and Richmond County . They all have got to go or keep what has been in office for decades and everything will stay the same a broke county that once had proud citizens and not boarded up business’s and homes as we see here everyday. So the new ones that are wanting to run for office its your time to run for office and now is the time to do it because the times have changed and its time for all we have here to go home . Voting is our freedom to do so and sitting home thinking it does not matter ,well it did last election. We have a Great new Senator in Raleigh now and he is making a difference in Richmond County and the entire State of North Carolina .

  • Joe Deberry

    We should see a complete change in our state and the whole USA in 2016 with all the Dems that have made a complete mess of this country and here in Richmond County and down to the City of Rockingham .People have had enough of the ones we have had for so long . Lets send them home so we can get our country back and our County and City with new minds that want to make us all proud to call Rockingham home again with pride that has been taken away over the last few decades .

  • moedeberry

    We have a certain commissioner in Richmond County that has send word to me he is Independent affiliated and is not a Democrat
    So i checked him out through the State Board of Elections and it shows him as a registered Democrat .It does not matter what he or any of them are . My point is he lied about it to get votes when he runs again and I will do everything possible to turn this election and all others around to get the right ones in office in this county and Rockingham that want our Community back from these that have lost touch with all voters in this County.
    He knows who he is and he might be a good man but not a politician for our needs in this County as he thinks and some others as well .There is a couple that in time might be good for the citizens here ,but the bad apples need to go.

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