Man charged in business break-in

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EAST ROCKINGHAM — An effort by a burglary suspect to flee on foot was a failure and the man was apprehended by Richmond County Sheriffs’ Office personnel in short order.

Deputies received a call of a burglary alarm activated at a business on Mill Road in East Rockingham. When deputies arrived, they found a glass door and window busted out. Deputies then located Kristopher Shane Carpenter, 27, of St. Stephens Church Road, Rockingham, hiding in a fenced in area.

Kristopher Shane Carpenter

Kristopher Shane Carpenter

Deputies said Carpenter tried to flee on foot. The suspect was located under a parked vehicle and taken into custody.

Carpenter was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, two counts of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, misdemeanor larceny and resisting a public officer.

Carpenter was ordered held in Richmond County Jail under a $60,000 secure bond.




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  • Earlybird54

    Its about time they got him and $60.000 secure bond might keep him of the streets from stealing from everybody like he has done for years. Hopefully they will send him off for a long time and his buddy he works with will get caught too.

    • CRS

      I know the police and deputies seem to do their jobs, but it seems like these people always go right back on the streets… I know of three or four that have been doing this since childhood… even breaking into occupied homes and they almost always be right back at it in 6 weeks or less.

      • Earlybird54

        CRS this boy is well known and has a criminal record long as your arm with several felony charges .Maybe this time he want get out on a $60.000 secured bond because if he does he will go right back stealing .That’s all he knows. Sad but they have got to stop him and all the others ,but its like job security for the courts . The Law enforcement can arrest these people ,but the courts have got to do their job .

        • Joe Deberry

          What they should do is do like they do in some foreign country’s if you are caught stealing they cut your hands off ,but for him a few years in prison will do him good and these others running wild down here will get there’s too.

  • Earlybird54

    Just wanted to let the post know ,his name is spelled Kristopher Shane Carpenter.

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