Hudson: Meaningful work creeps through gridlock

Partisanship and gridlock – aren’t you tired of it? Me too.

That’s why it’s a priority of mine to break through the gridlock, build relationships across the aisle, and find bipartisan solutions to the problems we face. I’ve always said that you could put me in a room with nearly any Democrat and give us a problem, and I’d work with her or him to find common ground and solve it without compromising my conservative principles.

Last year, I championed two bills that unanimously passed Congress and were signed into law by the president because I worked hard and brought everyone to the table. It’s a rarity, but bipartisanship is possible.

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson This Week in Washington

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson
This Week in Washington

In that regard, my colleagues on the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee and I are continuing to make good progress. Under Chairman Fred Upton’s leadership, we have made tremendous bipartisan strides to improve public health. And this time we are taking it one step further to accelerate new cures and ensure America remains the global leader in medical innovation.

For more than a year, the committee has worked on the 21st Century Cures initiative to take a comprehensive look at what steps we can take to accelerate the pace of cures in America. We’re working with patients, innovators, care givers, regulators, researchers, doctors – you name it – to build a 21st century health care system that encourages greater innovation, supports advanced research, and streamlines drug development. Our end goal is to deliver life-saving cures and treatments to patients more quickly and more efficiently.

As health care innovation moves at lightning speed, groundbreaking discoveries are changing the face of disease treatment, management and cures. Here in North Carolina, we’re blessed to have some of the best health care facilities, universities and corporations that conduct cutting-edge research to identify, treat and prevent diseases. The problem is the burdensome regulatory policies and approval infrastructure are stuck in the past. Our laws have not kept up with innovation. Washington is holding back new discoveries and advancements in technology with red-tape and bureaucracy. If we want to save more lives, foster American innovation and keep jobs here, Congress must ensure that our nation’s laws and regulations not only keep pace, but enable even more life-saving innovation.

I’m proud to announce that a few weeks ago the Committee advanced the 21st Century Cures Act by a vote of 51-0. While there is more work to be done, this is a monumental accomplishment in the path to accelerate discovery, development and delivery of vital treatments and cures.

In spite of Washington’s gridlock, there are corners of Congress where meaningful work gets done on behalf of the American people. My colleagues and I on the Energy and Commerce Committee will continue to work together on areas where we can find common ground and put you, your family and your priorities first. The 21st Century Cures Act demonstrates that it can be done, and I’m proud of the progress we are making on such a critical, life-saving issue.

Richard Hudson, a Republican, represents the 8th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. The district includes a small part of Mecklenburg County and takes in all or parts of the counties of Cabarrus, Union, Randolph, Rowan, Davidson, Stanly, Anson, Montgomery, Richmond, Scotland and Robeson.

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