Hoffman Fire Dept. warns of job offer scam

Kevin Spradlin | PeeDeePost.com

Kevin Spradlin | PeeDeePost.com

By Kevin Spradlin

Hoffman Fire and Rescue Chief Frank McKay has worked long and hard to give his department a good name. So have a good many other volunteers, past and present.

It’s particularly confounding, then, as to why anyone would use the department’s name in an apparent attempt to access personal bank information.

“We don’t like that,” McKay said.

McKay told The Pee Dee Post that a woman contacted his son at the department and expressed a mix of joy and frustration —  and no small amount of concern — about what she thought would be her new job.

McKay said the woman related that she responded to a a help wanted ad on Indeed.com — a legitimate job source website. The listing was for a “clerical” position with the Hoffman Fire Department. Starting wage?

“$27 an hour plus tips,” McKay said the ad read.

McKay said even if the all-volunteer fire and rescue unit did have the money to hire anyone — which is doesn’t — it wouldn’t be at that rate, tips wouldn’t be a part of the equation and, finally, any job listing would go through the local office of the state’s Employment Security Commission.

McKay said the woman applied for the position by email and received an email back indicating she’d been hired. All she had to do was provide her personal banking information.

Aside from that red flag, McKay said there were others. For starters, the lengthy job description was rather far off the mark — even if it was hypothetical. The job description includes references to being “knowledgable about the waste services industry and Republic Services’ processes, services and policies.”

By Tuesday afternoon, the ad appeared to have been removed by Indeed.com job board administrators.

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