Harris: Reversing the decline of Christianity

There was an extremely good response to my first column on PeeDeePost.com — Jesus Christ was not a Christian, April 3, 2015 — and closer examination may lead to a clearer understanding of what needs to be done to rescue the work of Jesus Christ.

In the feedback, for which I am thankful, one gentleman wrote, “I was always taught that Jesus was a Christian.” Another wrote, “I read down as far as the word Islam…” Another wrote, “He is not a true southern, go back.” This is typical of how insular and segregated some denominations have become; and it is deeply rooted, but more importantly, this is clear evidence that some of us go to church on Sunday because we are “God fearing”, not realizing we have nothing to fear in this life or the hereafter, and some of us are not clear of the fundamental origins of the Bible.

Jesus Christ is recognized, and acknowledged as a great prophet, by all three religions originating from Abraham; we can find all this historical truth in the Old Testament.

By Robert Harris  On Life and Faith

By Robert Harris
On Life and Faith

One individual wrote, “Beware of false prophets!” This is a very important statement of fact. Whenever I have had the rare opportunity to watch or listen to the media I have been appalled by those “so-called evangelists” selling salvation off the fear of God’s damnation. I am dumbfounded that anyone would buy into this rubbish; it should be outlawed, but of course it is protected by the first amendment.

The message to all of Christendom is that God’s love, through Jesus Christ, is free to all those who want it, and those ‘false-prophets’ that say otherwise are truly lost souls. Stop giving these people money and they will disappear.

Please take time to consider what you would do if a Jew came into your Church whose intent is to sack your house, to feed your enemy, and you know that Jew is Jesus Christ. How would you feel; how would you react?

The fundamental message given to us by Jesus Christ was, and still is, about the unity of the whole of mankind. The evidence from the streets clearly indicates that Christianity has gone in the opposite direction in many denominations.

Church leaders are perfectly aware of the above and the overall decline of Christianity throughout the world and have the unenviable task of whittling out what is erroneous with what has been indoctrinated throughout the years, yet maintain some form of status quo; the various denominations in the UK are equally aware of this dreadful dilemma, and it is now time to face up to the need for change.

Look at the feedback on your own; it is very important that all voices of the Christian fellowship are heard; all voices!

To reiterate, I would like to thank all those who contributed to what was a deliberately provocative article; I make no apology for that if it has got you thinking.

Robert Harris is one of Rockingham’s newer residents. He relocated from Steeton, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Send him an email.



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