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ROCKINGHAM — It’s “full speed ahead” for The Pee Dee Post and PeeDeePost.com, Richmond County’s only daily source for timely and accurate news.

On Feb. 15, PDP managing editor Kevin Spradlin suspended normal news-gathering operations and began working on a variety of ways to keep the PDP in business, including an online campaign through which readers could make voluntary contributions.

support“We haven’t yet quite the minimum fundraising goal,” Spradlin said, “but we received enough to know two things. First, readers want the Post to stick around. Second, they’re willing to support the Post. It’s humbling and gratifying.”

“I’ve been in the news business for nearly 30 years, the first nine as a delivery boy,” Spradlin said. “Here at the PDP, I’m not only a reporter but also general manager, webmaster, janitor and business owner. It’s a lot more work, but the results are much more rewarding. I’m a Maryland native, but Richmond County is home. We’re staying, and so is The Pee Dee Post.”

Monday’s schedule and the entire first full week of March offers a full slate of news coverage opportunities. This news release would be longer, but Spradlin had to get to work.

“Before I do, though, I want to say one thing. To each person and business that contributed, thank you. I’m humbled by your support and encouragement and I’ll work twice as hard to keep it.”




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  • Samantha T.

    I’m glad the PDP is still here! The county really came together to help keep this site up and running. I’m not one of those Negative Nancys, but one of your critics made a good point in the story about NPR and listener funded radio. I think posting weekly and monthly balance sheets would be a wonderful idea. It would show all the meanies that you ARE willing to account for all the donated money. Can you start posting a budget showing how the community’s contributions are being spent? Thank You!

    • Kevin Spradlin

      Samantha T., this is the response I shared with the NPR member. Keep in mind that NPR is a nonprofit and the PDP is a for-profit entity; we are not subject to the same disclosure laws. I am willing to be as open as I can but no, I will not publish our finances. I am willing to share, but only within the office … See my complete response to the previous writer here:

      Dear NPR Member, please visit me at the office, at 301 E. Washington St., Rockingham, and I’ll be happy to show you all you want to know despite the fact that the PDP is a private entity. You’ll be surprised at how far we stretch a dollar (and you might consider converting your contributions from NPR to PDP).

      What do you think NPR and stations like WFAE do with the funds you donate? Do you think they do anything other than pay bills – utilities, software, hardware, building lease, administrative expenses, salaries, etc.? In fact, they do – they go to pay for the non-local corporate infrastructure that doesn’t benefit anyone close to Richmond County (or NC, for that matter).

      Short of federal and state tax, revenue generated by the PDP – regardless of how we come by it – stays local. We live here, work here, change corporate policy here … and have business meetings at our local offices and local homes.

      In fact, I even invite you to tag along for an entire shift for you to get a glimpse of “a day in the life” of the PDP reporter (yours truly). Then you can call the PDP a blog, a digital newspaper or a hippopotamus. Your choice. But you calling it a blog really shows how disconnected you are from the daily reports the PDP offered between April 28, 2014 and Feb. 15, 2015 — and the number of times we beat any other news outlet on a story of significance to Richmond County readers (and beyond).

      I realize the likelihood of you appearing on the doorsteps is slim to none, but the door, so to speak, is open. Please call ahead, at 910-331-4130, as the PDP does not have regular office hours.

      Kevin Spradlin

      301 E. Washington St.

      Rockingham NC 28379



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