Facing multiple drug charges, man tries to turn life around

Freeman: “I can admit my mistakes”

By Kevin Spradlin

Kevin Anthony Freeman knows the odds are stacked against him — both in a court of law and in the court of public opinion.

All the 27-year-old can do now is give it his best shot.

“I can admit my mistakes,” Freeman said.

Kevin A. Freeman

Kevin A. Freeman

Even if he’s changed, his past is still in front of him. Freeman is due in Richmond County Superior Court on Feb. 16 on felony drug charges. He’s accused of possession, delivering and possession with intent to manufacture, sell or distribute marijuana.

Freeman has a conviction from June 2011 on a misdemeanor drug charges. He was convicted and served 18 months’ probation. Two years later, his mother died. And Freeman — with a troubled marriage and children ages 8, 4, 3 and 2 at the time — acknowledged his life went downhill.

In June 2014, he was arrested by Rockingham Police Department officers for allegedly running a meth lab out of his house. Nine weeks later, he was in the news again — arrested again, this time on the marijuana-related charges.

Freeman told The Pee Dee Post on Wednesday that the meth-related charges were dropped. A letter from the the District Attorney’s Office  indicates it was “in the interest of justice” that the charges be dismissed. But no one ever saw that headline, and he never had the chance to explain that a so-called friend paid him $50 to stash a black duffel bag at his house — an hour later, cops were knocking on his door.

And despite what happens in court next week, “I’ve gotten away from the drugs,” Freeman said.

Well, mostly. He admitted to using marijuana as recently as four days ago. But the meth — he said that lifestyle is long gone, and his focus now is on providing for his children. And even in his two-year descent into a personal hell, he said he didn’t forget about his children.

Contrary to popular rumor — and in a small city like Rockingham, rumor runs amok — Freeman said his children were never in his Aslington Street home while he did drugs. For the last couple of years, the children have lived next door with Freeman’s father. To some, that might be semantics. To Freeman, it shows he did the best he could under the circumstances.

“The whole time I was down … I was still doing right” by the kids, Freeman said. “I knew I wasn’t in a good place at the time.”

Freeman said he began using drugs by abusing prescription pills. He first used a supply obtained legally from a doctor, then bought some “off the street.” When that became too expensive, he switched to meth.

“Basically, its the same high but at a cheaper rate,” Freeman said.

Despite the unknown about his court appearance next week, Freeman’s focus is forward, on the future for his children and himself. He’s been busy applying for jobs in the Rockingham area and fixing up his 1998 Mustang to get to and from work. In between a showroom vehicle and a clunker, the car needs new shocks.

Freeman turns 28 in April. The former Richmond Senior High School student, who left school his senior year to enter the workforce in order to provide for his firstborn, hopes to to own and operate a tattoo parlor by the time he’s 30.

Meanwhile, he wants his kids to do all the things they want — softball, soccer and swimming among them — as he struggles to find his footing.

“I’m not afraid of hard work,” Freeman said. “I need a chance. I’m not sayin’ I deserve a chance (but) until somebody gives me a chance, how can anybody see that I’ve changed?”

Regardless of how his next job interview goes, or how court disposes of his case next week, Freeman said thing is for sure. The past is just that.

“I’m not going back to that lifestyle,” Freeman said.


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  • Joey DeBerry

    Everyone makes mistakes and I have my self not many will admit it ,but like you said Freeman its all Uphill for you and Your kids Know .No matter what happens in Court do not Sway away from your Dream to be a better man and Father ,Good Luck and do not look Back

  • Brantley Lyerly

    Prayers be with you that your actions may out perform your words!! May God’s angels guard and watch over your children!

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