Pastor Hill: Have you seen Him?

Luke 2:30, “For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,”

Many children on Christmas morning, with great excitement, rush from their bedrooms to see what they have received for Christmas. We’ve all seen the excitement on their faces as they open gifts. I’m sure we all have stories that we could share that would be funny, exciting, encouraging and even sorrowful about this most special day.

Speaking the Truth in Love by Pastor Tommy Hill

Speaking the Truth in Love
by Pastor Tommy Hill

I remember as a child that I was especially adept at rewrapping presents (I’ll not share the purpose behind the need for the gifts to be wrapped again). Sometimes we would receive gifts that were needed but not especially wanted, but a little over 2,000 years ago a gift was sent by God to a little planet in the galaxy known as earth for a people that were loved by God.

We refer to this gift as the greatest gift ever given. Anyone who has ever accepted this gift has never been disappointed. We have heard people say that they wished they had served God all their lives, but we’ve never heard anyone say they were sorry that they had chosen to serve God.

What is it about the heavenly gift that we have received that makes it the best gift ever given and the best give ever received? Let’s open God’s gift and see what we find.

WE SEE SALVATION: God gave His only begotten Son to purchase our salvation. We were unable to pay the debt that we owed due to sin. But God, in His infinite love made a way possible for us all to be saved. The Bible tells us that, “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” There is no greater gift that one can receive. Have you seen the Lord for salvation? You may, at any time, give your heart to Jesus. I can promise you that He’ll cherish the gift of your heart. You can see Him if you choose Him.

WE SEE PROMISES: Simeon had been promised that he would not die until he had seen the Lord’s Christ. How long he waited for his promise from the moment he was told we have no way of knowing but we can learn this one truth about God from Simeon’s story. God keeps His word, His promises are sure, and someday we will receive everything we have been promised since we put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He now can ask of the Lord to let him depart in peace. Everything he has desired has been fulfilled and he’s ready to go home to Heaven. In faith, we have received many promises from God and someday we shall receive all that He has provided; past, present, and future. Have you seen Him?

WE SEE RECONCILLATION: In the book of Genesis we see where man sinned against God, and because of sin, separation from God became a part of man’s existence. We find in Genesis 3:15 the first promise of the answer to man’s need for forgiveness of sins. God made a way for man to be reconciled to Himself. Our God is a holy God and sin separates therefore God provided a plan and that plan was the giving of His only Son to take our sin upon Himself so that we could be saved (if we place our trust in Him). Christ restores us to fellowship with God. Have you seen Him?

Simeon could see Him because he was looking for Him. During this Christmas, we can see Him when we are looking for Him. He will not be found in the pretty wrapped boxes with bows. He will not be found in the wonderful dinners spread upon our tables. He will not be seen in the family gatherings for the Christmas celebration. But He is seen in the reason we do all these things. Our hope and joy is in a Person, not in things. For Jesus is the reason for the season. If there were no Christ, there would be no Christmas. There is no replacement for Christ at Christmas. Have you seen Him?

As we live in obedience to our Lord, we will more easily recognize when He is near. As our faith grows, so will our spiritual sight. Romans 10:17 says, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” I pray that all who profess to know Christ has honored Him by spending time with Him in His Word this Christmas season.

Have you seen Him, if not you can, all you must do is look. May we not be hazy in our religious sight and only see the Jesus that the world sees, our Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Let us recognize Jesus and worship Him.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Pastor Tommy Hill and family.

Pastor Tommy Hill is the pastor of First Free Will Baptist Church in Hamlet. He is a Richmond County native. He can be reached at His column will appear each Friday in The Pee Dee Post.

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