Hamlet man charged in beating death of Dobbins Heights man

Staff report

A 22-year-old Hamlet man has been arrested and charged in the beating death of Vernon Mitchell Everett.

Natasia Equailty Hubbard

Natasia Equaility Hubbard

Natasia Equaility Hubbard, of King Drive, was charged with murder and taken into custody on Dec. 5. Authorities credited Hubbard’s apprehension through a combination of information from the public and the work of detectives at the Criminal Investigation Division, led by Capt. Jay Childers of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Everett, 55, was found lying on the floor of his Winona Street home unconscious on Nov. 23 by Richmond County sheriff’s deputies and Hamlet Fire and Rescue personnel. Everett was transported to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. He died Friday as a result of injuries sustained in the attack that night.

Hubbard was processed and held in the Richmond County Jail without bond.


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  • Craig davis

    Why does this young man not have a bond? White man kills another man and it’s called manslaughter with a 20,000 bond and it was over a damn dog. Black man kills his handicap mothers abuser and it’s called 1st degree murder without a bond. Both of these men had time to consider their actions. So both should be treated the same. If Richmond county courts would have done their job than Veron would still be alive. If they would have put him away when he beat her up the first 10 times. What would you do if someone beat and cut your handicap mother up? If it was mine he would have got a bullet between the eyes. #i’m just saying

    • Someone who doesnt know

      He left a man laying in the floor to die. Eric Whitfield attempted to do CPR. Cant you see the level of maliciousness here. No, you probably don’t. You’ve already made this a race issue and you’ll never see the light! Wake up ppl! Why does it have to be a white/black issue. As a white Im discriminated more than anyone black. Sick of someone using the color of their skin as an excuse.

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