Letter: Sports complex is an investment

To the editor:

Before today, I have never written a letter to the editor of any newspaper. However, I feel that there are several misconceptions about the new Parks and Recreation project that need to be addressed before people head to the polls tomorrow. This will be one of the most important votes that Richmond County citizens can make in an effort to prevent our county from heading in a downward spiral toward poverty.

letter_logoThe purpose of this project is not to create jobs for city employees or parks and recreation employees. It is to make Richmond County more enticing for industries who are trying to move families here. People will be more apt to relocate if they see this as a growing community. Industry leaders will have a hard time convincing their employees to move to a community where it seems as though the well-being of the youth is not a high priority. Business leaders will be hard pressed to convince employees with no ties to this area to move here without some type of incentive for their families.

Another issue that seems to keep coming up is the location of the park. I was born in Hamlet and I have lived here most of my life. Would it be more convenient for me if this complex was constructed in Hamlet? Absolutely! However, I realize that the city of Rockingham is better equipped to maintain a facility of this magnitude. I also realize that Rockingham is a central location where the facility can be accessed more easily by ALL Richmond County residents. As strong as my ties are to Hamlet, the most feasible location for this project is in the only city that has the resources to keep it up.

I realize that many people are looking at this complex as a burden because it is funded by a small tax increase. This is such a small increase that most people will not even notice the difference. My children may never step foot on any of the fields, but I see this as an investment in our community in hopes that maybe their children will benefit from it one day.

Please remember when going to the polls that a vote of ‘no’ essentially means that we do not value our youth or our community enough to invest in it. Richmond County citizens have the opportunity to join together to make this a better place for future generations. Let’s not let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

Mica Way

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  • Joey DeBerry

    It was not Done as it should’ve been and the Deception the way it was Shoved Down the Voters Throats For a Complex we are not in a area or have the Right Accommodations for People to come here and the Condition of this County and Rockingham all Boarded up and Closed down buildings and Shutdown Race Track thats Growing up and was a Reason Nascar Took all Races away from here because people would not Stay here with no Proper Place to Sleep or Eat Or Shop so the Attendance was too low for them to Stay here . Not all people go to Wal Mart to buy everything made over Seas as most of there Products they have there that is Made in China or other Foreign Countries and that is what has Helped The Jobs go away in this Country. That complex was a Failure from the Start as the Liquor by The Drink they had Voters to Vote for was a Failure and where is all the New Restaurants and Growth on that at , Go to Moore County as we still do to enjoy these Accommodations that have been taken away from here like the Movie Theater we do not Have anymore. These Politicians Here have not done a their Job and we do not need to Support any More. The 1/4 Cent tax should have went to our teachers and the Economy here and Tax incentives to Bring in Large Companies that will Revitalize this County and then Built a Sports Complex if the Citizens want it .IF it was voted for it would have been another Failure and Most Citizens here were Smart enough and tired of the Promises that have turned into lies as it has been done to many times here over the Years .Retirement for Most of them in Office here has Been too Long Coming and Last Night Showed them we have Had Enough and they need to go. Have a Great Day Cause I Am.

    • Camilla Hudson

      I have wondered just WHO or WHOM comes up with these ideas…A round table discussion would have found out the flaws before it was even put to a vote.. There are so many things our county needs before we have a Sports Complex. Rockingham needs to think outside the box as for revitalizing the up-town and the powers that be need to not be so greedy and think about their community more.. So much could be done with the right thinking hats on..An “Expert” is not always someone from out of town. I’m not saying I am an “Expert”. I am no where near that but we have enough clear thinking people here that could come up with some good ideas that won’t cost us an arm and a leg. If we really needed that 1/4 cent sales tax, we need to know exactly what it will go for and after that project is through the sales tax will be dropped..To many politicians are trying to get their hands in our pockets without a clear explaination as to where it is to go. The tax should not continue after the project is done. Too many pockets getting lined there….

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