Letter: If animals can have shelter, so should homeless

To the editor:

Nothing is better after a long day at work or school than going home, walking through the door, kicking your shoes off, putting on your comfy clothes, getting a snack from the fridge, flopping down in your favorite chair, kicking your feet up, grabbing the remote … ahhh, life is good.

letter_logoEven with all the craziness in the world, just to get home and feel … safe … to feel secure, protected … to “let your hair down,” relax, be yourself, take a deep breathe …

Yeah, there’s bills and issues at work, issues at school, at church, issues with your spouse, your kids — the government, the guy next door — and don’t forget ISIS, Ebola and all the other scary stuff on the news.

But right now, as you read this — admits all the stuff going on — you’re home. You’re surrounded by familiar things, things the take you happy and that make you feel safe, thing you’ve collected over the years. Memories.

Now, imagine being homeless. Not having a home. Homeless — without a home.

Nowhere safe to lay your head at night, nowhere to take a break if you’re not feeling well and just need to rest a few minutes. Nowhere to kick back and relax, nowhere to have family and friends over and to make memories. Nowhere for the basics, a shower and a toilet.

I grew up in a house with no indoor plumbing — no bathroom — but it was home. I lived in a tiny, metal trailer, more suited for storage than housing — but it was home.

I live in a modest brick house now, with all the comforts of — home.

We can build a shelter for the homeless in Richmond County!

We have an animal shelter and that’s great! I love animals. But how humane is not not to provide shelter for humans?

We have Habitat for Humanity. What better way to help humanity than to provide shelter (like the very name implies) Habitat for Humanity.

Every church, every business, every school, every bar, every organization in Richmond County can donate and fundraise — and we can have the funds to do this.

Every construction company and builders and anybody that can hammer a nail or carry a board can built it — in no time at all!

Pastor Gary Richardson has the acreage on Airport Road and has already started the process of providing shelter on the property. Before anybody speaks up and asks, “Why there,” I say, “Why not there?”

Let’s just build it as a caring community and have the issue of a shelter resolved. Just do whatever the Lord leads you to do, and let this be the “House/Shelter that love built!”

Thanks. Peace.

Connie Chavis


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