Letter: I don’t back down from my original intent

To the editor:

I am responding to the story that appeared in The Pee Dee Post on Oct. 30, 2014 (Commissioner candidate distributes illegal sample ballots).

There is a statement that needs correction. The statement made by me was not written in its entirety.

“… But black people don’t vote,” is not correctly stated. I said that “if black people don’t know, they won’t go.” That statement, correctly worded, had appeared previously in the article and that was my official statement on the matter.

letter_logoI also spoke of the disparity of treatment regarding candidates and that as a candidate I can’t campaign or go door-to-door, nor put signs in the yards in white communities. I was quoted as referring to disparity between black and white voters — again, this is not my words as stated.

It is correct that I do not back down from my original intent. It is necessary that we serve as activists and freedom fighters in our communities:

* The rules regarding voting have changed so much and many people do not keep up these changes the way that I do and that is why I have been busy all of 2014 educating the public. I have done this in previous years as well.

The straight party ticket voting is no longer allowed. If there is no education, how will the voters know how to use the ballot effectively where all the persons are voted on individually? There is no more one-stop registration and voting. There will soon be voter ID requirements. There is no more out-of-precinct voting. The period for early voting has been shortened. Locations to vote also change frequently. There is no Sunday voting in Richmond County. The list of changes is quite numerous.

I take responsibility for the error. I run a one-man campaign practically and unfortunately this disclaimer requirement just fell through the cracks. I also take responsibility for diligently working/getting the black people to turn out and vote. I hope all the means exercised to suppress the voter participation will not be effective in the days to come.

Again, there have been many ballots out there in the past (not mine) that lacked disclaimers and the person responsible for the error was simply told to correct it and that was the end of the story and nothing more became of it.

Dear public, let it be understood the problem here is not the ballot’s information. The problem here is I failed to use the disclaimer clause unintentionally.

I have known Mr. Moody for several years. Mr. Moody has always acted very chummy and friendly with me. He also came to commissioners’ meetings and would take my picture while we were in session. I asked him to share the pictures with me and his reply was “maybe.”

Peggy Covington
The letter writer is a resident of Rockingham and one of six candidates for county commissioner in a contest that includes incumbents Thad Ussery, Don Bryant and Ben Moss along with challengers Herbie Long and Donnie Richardson.

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  • David James

    That doesn’t seem extremely racist. You “don’t back down from your original intent”, so you are planning to continue on with your “civil disobedience” in which the Democratic candidate for Sheriff who is marked on your illegal ballot states openly in The Daily Journal that he does not support any form of civil disobedience. Seems a little bit odd. In a nutshell, you practice civil disobedience in an attempt to illegally attain votes for a Sheriff candidate who openly stands against civil disobedience. Something does jive with that situation.

    • Hall Rick

      David, it is also funny that the journal didnt mention that the lsat time she was a commissioner ,she went on a retreat with the rest of the commissioners ,her trip was to Nashville tenn, where her family lives ,she attended only one of the 5 meetings she was signup to attend ,the rest of her time there ,was to visit with family on our tax payers dime . It is sad these days ,when so much lying and distrust,and crooked voting there are those who champion these types of politicans .Way to many of them are getting their hands caught in this nations cookie jar.

    • Joey DeBerry

      IF you can not run as a Candidate for a Political office and do it Legal and she Knew they were not Legal to gain Certain Votes cost her . The Deception as she was handing out Illegal Sample Ballots all marked For Democrats only as she did how do you trust any Candidate that has to do that to be Elected and most of the time can not be Trusted in any Office of Government ,and it has been going on way to long here and we as Voters and Tax Payers here are putting a stop to it all no matter what Party you Represent . Thats is what Cost the City and County Their Referendum on the Jobs and Growth that had no support as it showed Nov 4th . Change has Begun here and more is coming and the Regular Citizens here are ready to stop the Bullies that have Plagued this County for years ?

  • Marcus Bryant

    So basically Mrs Covington has known of other candidates that have been told not to use these “illegal” ballots but she decided the rules do not apply to her? Keep digging Mrs Covington.

  • Marcus Bryant

    Mrs Covington states she has known other candidates that were informed of the rule, yet she chose to ignore the rule. Mrs Covington, there may be a reason you are a one person campaign. Why aren’t you trying to get everyone out to vote? Will you not represent everyone in this county or are you there for a select few. Do you think only one segment of this county is in need of help. Look around, there are plenty of people of all creed and color in need of help and the fact that you haven’t realized this speaks volumes about your true intents and the people of Richmond county deserve better than anything you have to offer!!!

    • Hall Rick

      Macus,I live in a white neighborhood ,and there are many peggy covington signs in yards as well as on the public roadside. This lady is an avid obama supporter and chose to try to make this race she is in abour ,well race. Just another divider of people and Richmond county has enough of those as it is. She is not qualified to do this county any good, except dividing the races ,which has become the theme of this election. The liberals are going to lose the house and they just cant stand this idea. The freebies and giveaways will dry up . I hold this new house repsponsible for the next two years, nothing stopping them now to move us ahead, if they dont then I will help vote them all out in 2016. Now maybe the 372 bills that ole harry reid has put in his desk ,will come to the floor for a vote. They say it aint over till the fat lady sings, well we have a lot of fat ladies ,living off food stamps and welfare , i hope I hear them sign ,very soon.

  • Joey DeBerry

    I personally disagree with the deception that Mrs Covington is using these Ballots for she Produced to several in this County to Sway Voters to Vote Democrat only and she Has done this Before Know it was Illegal the way she was Handing them out one the First Day of Early Voting .IF any Candidate no matter what Party is Caught Deceiving the Legal Voting Process Should not be allowed to Continue Running for Office and she Knows she was. I have talk to the State Board of Elections this morning on this Matter and we will see what the turn out will be and you can Contact them as well with any Proof of Illegal Activity you can get proof of and a Picture is worth the Proof you can Submit for Evidence as well. IF you have one of these Ballots Send it to The State Board of Elections @ PO Box 27255 Raleigh NC 27611 or Call 866-522-4723 and they will be Glad to Help you .

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