Spivey reappointed to RCC Board of Trustees

HAMLET — Willa Spivey begins a second term serving on Richmond Community College’s Board of Trustees this month after being reappointed by the Richmond County School Board.

Willa Spivey

Willa Spivey

Spivey is a vice president with Fidelity Bank and branch manager for the Rockingham and Ellerbe offices. Spivey went into banking right after high school at age 18 and has worked in the financial world ever since.

“Interestingly enough, I never went to college, but education is very important to me. Having lived here my whole life in Richmond County, I have a great interest in education and the many things the College is doing to help promote our county long term,” Spivey said. “I am very humbled and proud to be asked to serve again on the Board of Trustees.

“Under the guidance of Dr. Dale McInnis, RCC is headed in a very good direction. From my standpoint working in the business world, I see the College taking positive steps toward future development of programs that will benefit residents and businesses in our county. There is a visionary plan in place that will help us stay ahead of the curve,” Spivey added.

Spivey was first appointed to the Board of Trustees four years ago by the governor.

“We are excited to have Willa Spivey reappointed to the Board of Trustees,” Dr. Dale McInnis, RCC president, said. “She is passionate about this community and our College. She is very knowledgeable about the financial world, and we welcome her expertise to the board.”

Besides the Board of Trustees, Spivey also serves on the Rankin Museum of History in Ellerbe.

Spivey grew up on a farm in Ellerbe. The youngest of 11 children, she helped raise cattle and chickens and also picked tobacco.

“The agriculture world is still very dear to my heart. At the bank, I handle a lot of agricultural lending,” she said.

Spivey’s husband, Andy, is also a native of Ellerbe. They met in high school and have been married for 41 years. They have two daughters and four grandchildren.

“My husband and I both have a lot of ties to the county, and we want to see it grow and prosper,” Spivey said. “The key to that growth is education, particularly what Richmond Community College is doing to better prepare our labor force.”

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