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Charles Blondin, a tightrope walker, was preparing for his performance when he saw a young boy who was watching with great interest. He asked the boy if he believed he could carry him across and, without hesitation, the boy answered yes.

Speaking the Truth in Love by Pastor Tommy Hill

Speaking the Truth in Love
by Pastor Tommy Hill

Blondin steps down from the platform and tells the boy to get on his back. The boy promptly ran away. He believed but was unwilling to put his faith into action. He displayed no trust when personal involvement was required.

Many Americans identify themselves as Christian. Does saying “I’m a Christian” make it a fact? The epistle of James tells us about this important subject. James says that, “faith without works is dead.”

James is not saying we are saved by what we do but what we do provides a visible evidence that we are saved. God made a wonderful promise to Abraham in Gen. 15:5, and verse 6 tells us that Abraham believed (FAITH) in the Lord.

Then we read in Gen. 22 of God’s requirement for Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham was now in a place where his faith was to be tested. How could God place such a requirement upon Abraham and still fulfill His promise? Should Abraham remind God about His promise or just opt out of this specific command from God? Does God now need some help?

Of course, we know that God needs no help from us. God wants Abraham to show his faith, “James 2:18, I will shew thee my faith by my works.” No one would ever state that Abraham’s faith was dead for he demonstrated a living faith in God. So what does a living faith do?

  1. A Living Faith Offers: Abraham was willing to offer his son upon the altar. His faith was so strong that he told those with him he and Isaac would return after they had worshipped. Abraham’s faith rested in what God could do (Heb. 11:19). Abraham’s requirement was to be obedient and trust God.
  2. A Living Faith is Evident: Abraham didn’t only say he believed God, he also demonstrated his belief by obedience. When we say we believe God there must be some evidence of this belief beyond the mere verbal assent. In other words, my family and friends should know I believe by the things they see in my life. A life lived in obedience to God. Obedience is a response and proof of faith. Obedience follows faith (Eph. 2:8-9).
  3. Do I have a Living Faith: If I possess a living faith, my life will reflect this faith so that others may see (Matt. 5:14-16). God provides many opportunities for us to demonstrate our faith. One is His command in Heb. 10:25. This seems to be a highly controversial verse for many feel they do not have to go to church to be a Christian (I agree), but to assemble is a command of the Lord Jesus Christ, so we go to church BECAUSE we are Christians and BECAUSE we love Jesus. It is one of the proofs or works of our salvation. The Bible teaches us much about the many benefits of attending church, one of which is spiritual growth. Our attendance is an evidenced proof that we are following the Lord. The Lord who said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

Do we say or prove we love the Lord? Our works are proof of salvation, not the path to salvation. Let’s put our faith into ACTION.

Pastor Tommy Hill is the pastor of First Free Will Baptist Church in Hamlet. He is a Richmond County native. He can be reached at firstfwbchurchhamlet@gmail.com. His column will appear each Friday in The Pee Dee Post.

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