Hospital janitor accused of sexually assaulting two female patients

Staff report

A Hamlet man was arrested Sunday by Hamlet police officers after two women filed complaints he assaulted them while a patient at Sandhills Regional Medical Center.

Thaddeus Primus

Thadus Gerome Primus

Two women allege that Thadus Gerome Primus, 44, a hospital janitor, sexually assaulted both women while they were patients in the mental ward.

One woman filed her complaint after being discharged from the hospital. The second woman was still a patient at the hospital when she filed the report.

Primus has been charged with three felony counts of sexual activity by a custodian. He was confined at the Richmond County Jail before posting $20,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in Richmond County District Court on Aug. 7.


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  • Unknown

    He would never do such a thing! These are mental health patients!

  • Allison

    I dont know this man so I don’t know if he would do such a thing or not. However, do you think that just because they are “mental health patients” that what happened or didn’t happen to them is OK?? What an ignorant statement!!!

  • peedeepost

    Folks, we’ve stopped approving comments because some of them are getting downright nasty – on both sides of the issue.

    • scteach1964

      Thank you, Pee Dee Post..

  • silena

    how bout we pray for the two women and for thad, how bout we let the justice system work and sort out all the details.. how much better this world would be if we prayed for all involved instead of talking about it…. wouldn’t that be awesome

    • John Thompson

      That’s some great advice Silena.

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