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Jay Hudson Ambling Along

Jay Hudson
Ambling Along

Several of my friends and I have all had car troubles this month. My friend Gail has a little Honda with enough miles on it to reach from here to the moon. It started acting up, so she asked a friend to look at it. For $30 worth of parts, and $20 to the friend, she was riding again.

At least for a few days.

Gail is  a pineapple cake expert, so I asked her to bring one this way. I am a good cake tester. I don’t charge anything to test cakes, or candy.

My friend Dej was equally shocked a few days ago when a car dealer refunded her $300 they owed her. It was all unexpected.  She thought she had to pay them $300.

Have you ever tried to get a dollar from a car dealer?

Dej threw all that money away on bills and groceries, and didn’t buy any books, candy, or Pepsi.

Well, we got those two taken care of, but we haven’t fixed Cathy’s Dodge truck yet. We are using powerful ESP, but so far it’s not working.

Now, about the money I saved on Tuesday, August 16. It was sheer luck.  When I got up Tuesday morning, something didn’t seem  right, but I couldn’t figure it out. At my age, nothing ever feels right anymore. I got online to see if any of my friends had anything to say, but they were all working. Then, after I had my Nestle’s Crunch and Pepsi for breakfast, everything seemed clearer.

I toyed with the idea of working on a  book I am writing, and then decided to wait another day or two.  All this time I was sitting in front of the computer. Every once in awhile I looked up at the large desk calendar that I put on my cork board.(Easier to see it up there right in front of my face)  Finally, I realized what day it was,  Tuesday.  The date,  August 16, came a little slower.

At first I thought,” Hey, was this the day Elvis died in 1977?”  Yeap! I think it was. Sorry Elvis.

Something kept trying to rise to the surface of this  pea-brain of mine. All of a sudden I realized what it was.  The water bill was due the 15th of August, and today was the 16th.  God dang it! ( I used the actual English the Queens sailors use.) I was already figuring on a $25 reconnection fee times two. My daughter’s water is in my name also. Double  dang it.

Well, there was nothing to do but go to town and pay Caesar.  I had the checkbook in my hand while I was crying in front of Lorraine, the clerk at the water department. Lorraine and I have known each other since childhood, so it was perfectly ok for me to cry in front of her. She won’t tell.

You’d cry too if you had to give the government $50 for no good reason.

When I handed her the two water bills, she said ” Jay, you sure are a lucky man. The man who turns the water meters on and off, is out sick today, so we don’t charge a reconnect fee unless he can actually turn the water off.”  Hahahaha,  haahaha.

 Jay is happy now. The two water bills alone came to $77.33. A $50 reconnection fee would have busted next month’s budget cause I already spent the August budget.

Boy, I can’t believe my luck. All my friends are saving money this month.

 I am drinking a Pepsi and eating butterscotch right now and sending ESP your way. Do you need to save a couple dollars too?

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  • Charlie Smith

    Isn’t “Elvis is dead and I don’t feel so good myself” actually the title to one of the great books authored by Lewis Grizzard? I’m pretty sure it is since he is my favorite author and I did read the book. If so this is an illegal use of the title is it not?

    • peedeepost

      Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, Mr. Smith.

      The headline has now been updated (within 8 minutes of you posting your message).


      Kevin Spradlin, managing editor
      301 E. Washington St.
      Rockingham, NC 28379


  • Jay Hudson

    It sure is Mr Smith, but titles cannot be copyrighted , So, I took the liberty of using it since I have always been fan of Lewis’.

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