16 vie for Hamlet police chief’s job


By Kevin Spradlin

HAMLET — Acting City Manager Tammy Kirkley said the city has received 16 applications for the position of chief, as current Chief Amery Griffin is set to retire at the end of the shift.

Hamlet Police Capt. Rodney Tucker, interim police chief

Hamlet Police Capt. Rodney Tucker, interim police chief

Kirkley has appointed Captain Rodney Tucker as interim chief, effective today, while the search for Griffin’s successor continues. It’s a search that Kirkley said might be delayed a bit as the status of City Manager Marchell Adams-David is resolved. Adams-David has been on leave, under the Family Medical Leave Act, since early April.

Kirkley said Thursday she expects to receive an update on June 4 regarding Adams-David’s possible return date. Kirkley said she might wait until Adams-David returns and leave it to her to vet the applicants until Adams-David’s return is delayed.

Of the 14 candidates, seven are out-of-state, four are considered local and five others are from across North Carolina. Tucker, 44, has acknowledged he is one of the 16 candidates.

Griffin, 50, was promoted in the summer of 2012 to chief from captain to replace former chief John Haywood, who was terminated by Adams-David.

The Richmond County native started his law enforcement career with the Hamlet Police Department on Feb. 6, 1986, at the age of 22. His home, situated along Highway 74 between Hamlet and Rockingham, allowed him to have one foot in each community growing up.

Griffin said his most memorable days might be when he was first joined the force. As a patrolman, he was able to interact with the people on a more regular basis. Technology has been difficult to keep pace with in the department on a budget, Griffin said — from radar equipment, computers and the newer police cruisers.

Griffin earned a promotion to sergeant on Dec. 7, 1992. Nearly seven years later, on May 16, 1999, he was promoted to detective sergeant and then, on Jan. 9, 2000, to detective lieutenant. Griffin attained the rank of captain on April 27, 2005, before being named interim chief, succeeding Haywood, on Sept. 10, 2012.

The city has not announced a deadline by which interested persons must apply for the position. The official job posting mentions only that the position is open until it’s not.




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  • Camilla Huson

    Usually an expert that is hired by the city or county is just someone from out of town when we have perfectly good experts right here locally.
    When filling the spot of Police Chief I hope Hamlet will draw from the pool of excellently qualified “LOCAL” candidates. There is no need to go outside the community… We support our own..

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