Youth League

Josiah Spradlin goes for the putt during play at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage.

Welcome to the permanent digital home of the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s Youth League.

This page serves as a hub for all things related to area kids’ and the opportunities afforded to play disc golf at the local level. Can kids play in doubles leagues, Saturday leagues, and more? Of course they can. But there is only one youth league for disc golf players ages 9-17, and this page is its home.

Throughout the year, the club offers five-week sessions of: Spring Youth League, Summer Youth League and Fall Youth League. In addition, the club offers instructional clinics, private group events, and more.

While this page will largely remain static, the content linked to from here is where the action is (other than, of course, on the disc golf course). So, if you are ages 8-17, or are a parent of a kid, hit your bookmark sign and save this page to your favorites. It’ll be worth coming back to in the future.

The goal of the club, and by extension, the youth league, is to get plastic into the hands of area youth as much as possible. Our experience has been that once kids begin throwing, many of them don’t want to stop. The club can assist school programs (public, private and homeschool) in setting up single-day or multi-day units of instruction (including equipment) at no charge to the school program.

Additionally, the club has hosted two Youth Disc Golf Clinics (July and August) and more are on tap for 2023. Stay tuned.

The club also facilitates #GrowTheGame events for private affairs, such as birthday parties, corporate or team events, and more. Yes, the club charges for those events. We can fit the bill into just about any size of budget the group might have (email us for more info). Proceeds from these events help fund future club operations and support the club’s effort of pursuing a public disc golf course in Allegany County. The first party was a roaring success.

* Results: Par 2 Invitational – June 2022
Youth Disc Golf League: Inaugural youth league to begin Sept. 5 .
Results: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
* Fall Doubles League begins Oct. 23
* Winter Doubles League begins Jan. 1

* Spring Youth League results: Week 1Week 2Week 3 … Week 4 (cancelled) … Week 5 .
* Summer Youth League results: Week 1 . Week 2 . Week 3 . Week 4 . Week 5
* Fall Youth League results: Week 1 . Week 2 . Week 3 . Week 4 . Week 5 (cancelled)
* Spring Youth League schedule (coming soon)
* Summer Youth League schedule
* Fall Youth League schedule

AlleganyPlayground photo
Josiah Spradlin (center) won the Boys’ Division, while Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang (left) took second and Gary Schultz Jr. (right) placed third.













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