Letter: Tax increases in Dazzledonia

To the editor:

Father: Once upon a long time ago, there existed the tiny kingdom of Dazzledonia and its quaint of Sparkle City. As times were tough, the king, who was a good man, and his council of loyal advisers devised an incredible plan to ease the burden of widespread poverty. They surmised that if only the loyal subjects of the kingdom would agree to levy upon themselves an additional tax to fund the construction of an incredible sports complex, the problem would be solved.

letter_logoEveryone knew that the more money that was taken from the subjects’ pockets, the more affluent everyone would become. And, after all, taxes really never increased. They just all gradually disappeared.

But, best of all, the king and the council knew that the super sports complex would produce amazing economic growth as well as exponential job creation! They knew what great jobs like ticket-tackers, ushers and refuse collectors were paid! Restaurants as well as motels would benefit, also, with the great influx of visitors to use the facilities. Waiters, dishwashers, cooks, motel maids all made incredible salaries as well as receiving great benefits, like health care!

And, so the proposal was put to a vote. All subjects in the kingdom were allowed to vote — even illegals and dead people!

And so the proposal was passed. The kingdom experienced incredible growth, and prosperity for all ensued. Thus, Dazzledonia became the envy of all its neighbors.

Child: Really, Papa?

David Fieg

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