Letter: Thank you, John, for returning lost purse

To the editor:

There are still some heroes in our community.

With all the sad and horrible stories in the news today, I would like to write about someone who is truly a hero to me. I will only give his first name, John, as he is not seeking recognition.

letter_logoBeing an elderly person, I sometimes forget little things, which is not bad, but sometimes I forget important things, too.

On Friday, July 4, I went with friends to see the fireworks in Hamlet. As we were packing to leave, I set my purse on the ground to help load the car. In bumper-to-bumper traffic, we were almost back to Rockingham when I discovered that I did not have my purse.

The sweet girl driving insisted that we go back and look for it, knowing with all the people in that area that it may not be there — and as it turned out, it wasn’t. Like most women, I had everything in my purse: All my cards, license, money and much more that would not mean anything to anyone else, including medications.

After leaving Hamlet again with a sad and broken heart, we went to my friend’s house to call my daughter since I did not have a key to get into my house. When she arrived, it was very late, and as she unlocked the door, a note fell to the ground.

“Miss Margaret Fountain,” it reads, “I found your purse and waited for you to come back, and when you did not, I came by your house and waited for a while and had to leave. My number is (redacted), please call me and I will get your purse back to you.”

My daughter called and he immediately said he would meet us halfway, as he lives out of town. He brought his sweet family with him, and all he would accept from me was hugs.

I believe God has truly blessed us all.

Margaret Fountain

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