E. Padovini wins Player of the Month (again) for October

Youth garners all 3 first-place votes
Shreve 2nd, Wolodkin 3rd

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Recent PoM winners:
* September: Marshall Vogtman
* August: Scott Mallery
* July: Josiah Spradlin
* June: Evan Padovini
* May: David Warder
* April: Noah Gaughan
* March: Ethan von Hagel
* February: Shania Farris
* January: Tim Farris
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FROSTBURG — Practice any activity for a length of time and, eventually, almost everyone will have one of those breakthrough moments that serve to inspire and motivate not only self, but also others.

In October, Evan Padovini had a couple of them.

The 12-year-old Mount Savage Middle School student played in only three of the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s seven events in October. In what was only his fifth month of playing the sport, Padovini continually defied expectations — and that’s coming off a second-place finish in the club’s Summer Flex League, a runner-up finish earned after two playoff holes in the league finale.

Padovini garnered all three first-place votes for Player of the Month for October, and will be awarded a $15 gift certificate to the Mile Lane Disc Golf retail store. Shreve was second — getting all three second-place votes — while Sam Wolodkin was third. Padovini is now the second player to win the monthly award twice and first to win it twice only five months apart. In closing out his age 11 year, Padovini also won it in June, his first month in club play.

Evan Padovini

Playing in both fall baseball and soccer leagues, Padovini pushed the reset button on what is expected of him on Oct. 12 during a club casual glow round at Hoffman Park Disc Golf Course in Frostburg. His score of two under par 52 redefined his personal best on the course and put him atop the club’s Boys’ Division standings for the evening. It also tied him with Men’s Advanced Division players Bill Shreve and Scott Mallery. That night, Padovini carded a personal best eight birdies compared to three each from Mallery and Shreve.

The low mark, and high number of birdies, were signs of things to come.

One week later, players were back at Hoffman Park DGC for another sunset-to-glow round. Once again, Padovini was up for the challenge. He smoothly and smartly carded seven birdies this time around, but only two stains on his otherwise bogey-free round (Nos. 4 and 5 the second time around were a bogey and double bogey, respectively) to finish with a new personal best of 50. The score put him sixth overall among 13 competitors — and ahead of four players in the Men’s Advanced Division, one in the Men’s Rec Division and, of course, atop the Boys’ Division for the night. He was a mere stroke from tying forging a four-way tie for third overall.

On Oct. 22, Padovini joined in the club’s third event of the day with a glow round at Locust Post Brewery. This was no sunset-to-glow effort; it was dark from the first stroke to the last. And Padovini thrived. It was the first glow round at the brewery, which opened the course over the summer. Padovini had recorded several rounds there (all in daylight), but on this night he marked his personal best while playing 18 baskets from the short tees with a one over par 55. He tied for fifth among nine competitors, tying one Men’s Advanced Division player and three others in the Men’s Rec Division.

Padovini is an up-and-comer who has recently and steadily worked to improve his developing sidearm shot in addition to a smooth, deliberate backhand throw. Stay tuned for more from Padovini should he continue with disc golf.

Bill Shreve

Bill Shreve

Yes, Bill Shreve plays in may of the events put on by the Allegany County Disc Golf Club. He played in all seven in October, and earned seven top-three finishes. But when it comes to Shreve, 47, of Cumberland, that’s exactly the kind of performance players have come to expect from Mr. Consistency.

Shreve’s October included a tie for first place, one tie for second, three solo second-place finishers, and, twice, a tie for third. In doubles play, Shreve lifts up his teammates and helps them be better. He is, at all times, a positive card mate and more than willing to help new players.

Shreve also won CTP on multiple occasions during the month.

Sam Wolodkin

Sam Wolodkin, 21, of Frostburg, played in four of seven club events. He helped his team to a one-stroke win in Week 2 of Fall Doubles League and won a glow round convincingly. Wolodkin also tied for third in another glow round and, in another, placed fourth among seven players.

Sam Wolodkin

Like Shreve, Wolodkin could be a victim of his own success — and subsequent high expectations — in the eyes of voters. For example, the club course record at Hoffman Park DGC is a 43 (shared by David Warder and Ethan von Hagel). Wolodkin said he has carded a much better score, but has yet to do so in a club round.

Ethan Padovini

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E. Padovini wins Player of the Month (again) for October E. Padovini wins Player of the Month (again) for October
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