Von Hagel, Marsh earn sunset-to-glow division wins

Spradlin-Vogelsang wins Boys’ Division
Wolodkin wins CTP (and a Berg as the prize)
Next up: Glow round on Oct. 12 at Hoffman Park DGC

* Fall Doubles League to begin Oct. 22

FROSTBURG — During the three-day Seth Burton Memorial tournament in Fairmont, W.Va., over the previous weekend, Ethan von Hagel bested Bill Shreve by six strokes over 72 holes.

Sam Wolodkin won CTP on No. 3.

On Thursday evening, the difference was only one.

Von Hagel, 21, of LaVale, birdied the final four baskets to complete the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s first sunset-to-glow round of the season at Hoffman Park Disc Golf Course in Frostburg. He also completed the comeback. Von Hagel was down by one stroke with six holes to play. He birdied the final four holes, while Shreve, 47, of Cumberland, had three birdies and a bogey over the same four baskets. The two-stroke swing pivoted von Hagel from second into first place in the Men’s Advanced Division with an eight under par 46.

Shreve placed second with a 47 while Kevin Spradlin, 44, of Frostburg, completed his first club round in the Men’s Advanced Division with a third-place finish (48). Sam Wolodkin, 21, of Frostburg, finished fourth with a 49.

Von Hagel and Shreve tallied nine birdies apiece, while Spradlin had seven and Wolodkin finished with five. Spradlin was the only player among the four to finish with negative splits — that is, a better second half than the first half. Spradlin threw 25 and 23. Von  Hagel threw 23 both halves, Shreve went 22 and 25 while Wolodkin carded 24 and 25.

The round began shortly after 6 p.m. in the daylight. Most players used regular discs but switched over to glow discs after the front nine. CTP offerings are not guaranteed every glow round.

While the October glow schedule consists of casual rounds, the club is considering a Fall-Winter glow league from November through February.The club is also planning on purchasing new lights for glow rounds before the start of the possible glow league. Stay tuned for details.

Men’s Rec Division

Matthew Marsh picked up five of his eight birdies on the back nine en route to a three under par 51 and a Men’s Rec Division victory.

Marsh, 21, of Oakland, was one of only two players to have negative splits, posting 27 at the midway point and a 24 the rest of the way.

Noah Spradlin, 24, of Frostburg, was one stroke ahead of Marsh halfway through. Marsh, though, avoided some of the trouble he got into along the “gauntlet” of holes 4, 5 and 6 the second lap around.

Boys’ Division

Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 10, of Frostburg, represented the Boys’ Division with a 12 over par 66.

Spradlin-Vogelsang threw for par seven times (38.9 percent).


After 18 baskets, all seven players lined up in order of overall finish to take their one and only turn at the CTP. Spradlin-Vogelsang chose No. 3 because “it’s my favorite hole” on the course.

Players thought Spradlin-Vogelsang, who threw a righthand, backhand spike hyzer, was pretty close. After players each threw, they walked towards the basket. They were cautioned not to touch their discs if they thought they were in contention.

Halfway up the fairway, though, it was clear everyone but Wolodkin could go ahead and bag their discs. The lefty’s Pilot putter had settled comfortably directly under the cage. He won a lime green Berg with a custom stamp. Spradlin-Vogelsang’s effort was second-best. It landed on the path from the No. 3 basket to the No. 4 tee — roughly 8 feet from the pin.


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