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Week 9: S. Farris, J. Spradlin, B. Shreve earn division wins; T. Farris, K. Spradlin tie atop Men’s Rec
Week 10 play is set for Mile Lane in Mount Savage (course closed Aug. 26)

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FROSTBURG — Participation in the Boys’ Division jumped more than 40 percent as Noah Davis, Jeremiah Hampton and Wyatt Dare each made their Summer Flex League debut over the weekend in Week 9 at Hoffman Park Disc Golf Course in Frostburg.

With nine weeks down and only five to go, it might be a bit late for Davis, 9, of Frostburg, to contend for one of the top three spots in the division standings. While Josiah Spradlin seems to have a lock on first place, Davis’s continued participation could help determine who finishes second and third, as Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang and Evan Padovini are separated by only one point.

Wyatt Dare

Davis joined fellow Frostburg residents Spradlin-Vogelsang, 10, and Padovini, 12, in a three-way tie for second in Week 9 action. It was Davis’s first club round since the doubles tournament in early March, but the multi-sport standout made his presence known by throwing a five over par 59. Davis, Spradlin-Vogelsang and Hampton each completed two rounds of nine holes on Saturday during the club’s inaugural Little Piggy Flex Tournament at Hoffman Park. Those who played two or more rounds of nine baskets were able to count their final two rounds as their Summer Flex League round of 18.

Over the four-day flex weekend, Spradlin, 13, of Frostburg, led the six-player field with an even par 54, only four strokes shy of his best of 50 set on July 29. Hampton, 12, of Cresaptown, made his club debut with a 65 while Dare, 13, of Ellerslie, played his first club round since May and finished with an 87.

Spradlin maintains his grip on first place in the season division standings with 52 points. Spradlin-Vogelsang is second (41), followed closely by Padovini (40). Davis earned five points — four points for tying for second, and one for participation — and sits in fifth place among 10 players. He is only 10 points behind Liam Hutter, 13, of Frostburg, with five weeks to play.

Women’s Division

Like Spradlin in the Boys’ Division, Shania Farris seems to have the Women’s Division title all but wrapped up. But the race for second place is getting interesting.

Farris, 26, of Wiley Ford, W.Va., won her ninth consecutive SFL week with a fantastic four under par 50. Farris is in first place overall with 58 points, 24 points ahead of second-place Stephanie Spradlin, 43, of Frostburg.

That’s due in part to the recent play of Albina Stiffler. The 23-year-old transplant from Martinsburg, W.Va., and now living in Cumberland, took second — again — to continue to have an impact on who finishes second and third. Stiffler finished 12 strokes behind Farris with a 62. Krystal Mallery, 50, of Mount Savage, placed third (65) while Spradlin was fourth (66).

Spradlin is only two points ahead of Mallery (34-32) for second place in the division standings. Spradlin has played in eight of the nine weeks this season while Mallery is one of nine players who perfect attendance streaks. Stiffler joined the league in the second month of play. Over the past five weeks, Stiffler has earned 23 points and seems to have her sights set on a potential podium finish.

Men’s Rec Division

Eight players separated by 13 strokes, and the top five by only eight strokes, made the Men’s Rec Division the most competitive division of the week.

Tim Farris, 27, of Wiley Ford, W.Va., and Kevin Spradlin, 44, of Frostburg, tied for first with a 10 under par 44. The mark is one short of the club course record of 43 at Hoffman Park DGC set earlier this season by Ethan von Hagel. The 44 was Spradlin’s personal best by one stroke; he had thrown a 45 on three occasions, including twice on July 3 in Week 2 and again during an early Week 9 round on Aug. 18.

Brian Padovini, 42, of Frostburg, placed third with a personal best mark of six under 48. Spradlin logged 11 birdies and a bogey, while Farris had 10 birdies and Padovini had eight.

Longtime club member Anthony Goldsmith completed his first full club round. The 34-year-old Cumberland man and father-to-be placed fourth with a 50. It was his first time playing at Hoffman Park DGC. Ethan Shreve, 20, of Cumberland, rounded out the top five players in the division with a 52.

Bed Edkin, 38, of Lebanon, Pa., placed sixth with an even par 54. Like Hampton, Davis and Spradlin-Vogelsang, Edkin played two rounds of nine holes on Saturday and combined them for his first Summer Flex League entry.

Noah Spradlin, 23, of Frostburg, threw a 55 and Nathan Stiffler, 22, of Cumberland, carded a 57 to round out the division.

Farris maintains his lead atop the season’s division standings with 53 points. Spradlin’s share of the win didn’t help him gain any on Farris and he stays in second with 43 points.. Keith Raynor, dormant the last two weeks, remains in third with 36 points. Closing in fast on Raynor is Padovini, who has averaged four points a week over the past three weeks of play to buoy his chances of a top-three finish. Padovini is in fourth with 24 points, while Noah Spradlin is in fifth with 18 points.

Men’s Advanced Division

The only three players in the division to compete this week were separated by only three strokes.

Bill Shreve, 47, of Cumberland, earned a key win with an eight under par 46, complete with eight birdies. Colby Mallery, 19, of Mount Savage, was second (47) and Scott Mallery, 55, of Mount Savage, placed third (49).

With the win, Shreve doubled his lead to four points from two points over Scott Mallery in the season’s division standings, 44 points to 40. Colby Mallery moved into a tie for third with Sam Wolodkin, who has been dormant two of the past three weeks. The pair sit 10 points out of second place (30).


Wyatt Dare

Krystal Mallery

Albina Stiffler

Scott Mallery

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