Little Piggy Flex Tournament set for Aug. 19

Free to play, open to Pig Out in the Park vendors and attendees
Prizes based on participation & players’ disc golf experience

* Register in person on event day
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* Plans for Hoffman Park Ace Place
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Additional club activities
* Summer Flex League – free to play
* Summer Youth League – free to play
* Fall Youth League – free to play – Begins Labor Day

FROSTBURG — The Allegany County Disc Golf Club is coming on board with FrostburgFirst and the annual Pig Out in the Park food festival for a nine-hole flex tournament on Saturday, Aug. 19 at Hoffman Park in Frostburg.

The event is free to play and open to all who attend the Pig Out in the Park event. Tickets are required to enter the park for the event. More information can be found at This page is the official, one-stop shop for all things related to the Little Piggy Flex Tournament, a non-sanctioned event.

Scroll down for a larger version of the event flyer.

How it works

Players with little to no experience will be guided by Allegany County Disc Golf Club volunteers around the nine-basket course, which is the first and (as of now) only public disc golf course in Allegany County. The club volunteer might even throw with the group (’cause, hey, it’s disc golf). Players can borrow discs from the club for the round.

At every half hour starting at 12:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m., a card of at least two players can begin playing at tee No. 1. If there is an increase in demand at certain times throughout the afternoon, we can begin on an as-needed basis.

Players will record their scores on a digital scoring app (again, assisted by club volunteers). No cost for the app is required.

Players can play more than one round, and their best score will count.

Cost / entry fee

$0. Zero.  Nada. Free, baby!

The cost of this event aligns with more than 90 percent of the club’s programming of being free. The club believes affordability equals accessibility.

Of course, any voluntary financial contributions are always accepted and very much appreciated.

Please understand there is a fee to enter the park from 12 noon to 6 p.m. that day during the Pig Out in the Park food festival. For more information on that fee and the Pig Out in the Park event, please visit


As this is a no-fee event, players should expect modest prizes in rather unique divisions.

Instead of the traditional divisions of Men’s, Women’s or Advanced and Rec, the club is offering players to compete in divisions based on experience. The tentative divisions based on experience include: 0-90 days, 91 days to 180 days, 181 days to 365 days, 366 days to 730 days, and 731 days-plus. Which division a player fits into depends primarily on the honor system.

Again, this division list is tentative and could be reconfigured on event day in order to meet the demand of the field. The club hopes to expand the potential divisions among age groups, in particular for boys and girls under the age of 18.

Players need not be present to win. We’ll collect cell phone numbers the time of registration in order to contact division winners.


In a flex-style tournament, ties often cannot be settled on the field of play as the club prefers. If the possibility exists on site, we will do this. Otherwise, the club will use a player’s scorecard to break a tie starting with comparing player performances on the most recent basket completed (No. 9) and working backward until one player scored better than another within a particular division, thereby breaking a possible tie.

Event purpose

The purpose of the Little Piggy Flex Tournament is (a) to continue the club’s mission of introducing the sport of disc golf to local residents and visitors alike, (b) to offer a unique competitive opportunity for disc golf players, and (c) increase awareness of Hoffman Park Disc Golf Course, the first public disc golf course in Allegany County.


This is singles play. Not doubles.


On-site registration only. Simply visit the Allegany County Disc Golf Club table (by tee No. 1, located behind the festival check-in table near the park entrance). Players will be asked to provide first and last name, age, city and state of residence, and a little about the disc golf experience.

Player’s pack info

There is no player’s pack, as there is no entry fee.

Scroll down for a larger version of the course map.


There are nine baskets on the Hoffman Park Disc Golf Course. The distance from tee to pin ranges from 125 feet to 223 feet. The average is 161.5 feet. The course is relatively flat and moderately wooded. Trees offer even experience players a chance to their hone shot shaping and disc selection abilities.

What else

New players can expect a round of nine baskets on this course to take an average of roughly 35 to 45 minutes to play. Players should be mindful of the footwear selected for the day, as the course terrain includes rocks, roots, stumps and, depending on a player’s throw, a brief foray or two into areas with thorns or other uncomfortable, itchy things.

Ace pot

The club’s ace pot is not in play. Players can choose to contribute to an event-specific ace pot prior to the start of each round. Ace pot shares will be equally divided among those who throw an ace. Please see club officials on site about what constitutes an ace.

There is reason to believe there is a good chance an ace will be thrown on Aug. 19 — and that you might throw it! Of the 10 aces in club history, five have been thrown at Hoffman Park DGC since the course opened for play on May 14, 2023.

Summer Flex League bonus / add-on

The club facilitates a 14-week Summer Flex League from late June through September on four different courses in the area. The Little Piggy Flex Tournament happens to fall during Week 9, during with the designated course is Hoffman Park DGC. Players can complete one or more rounds of nine baskets in the flex tournament. For players who complete two or more rounds, their final two rounds of nine baskets will be considered their Summer Flex League round of 18 holes for Week 9 of SFL.

Liam Hutter works on a smooth, straight delivery of his sidearm drive on No. 2.


Pig Out in the Park volunteers should direct motorists to approved parking locations upon arrival.


The bathrooms will be open at Hoffman Park for the duration of the event.


The club loves to take photos of players in the public park (especially in club-sponsored events). Players are to pretend the photographer is not there. The photographer does have access to the entire course at each location and will move around at will. We hope to snap everyone in action at least once. If you have provided an email address during registration, a photograph (if available) will be emailed to you a week or so after the tournament.


Results will be posted on — hopefully on event day, but it’s possible not until Sunday, March 5.

Norah Corwell

Contact info

For more information, contact301-338-4533 (call or text) or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions (and answers) will be posted here as they are received.

About the Allegany County Disc Golf Club

The club was founded on  May 14, 2022 when it was decided there needed to be a concerted effort to help grow the game locally, especially within youth sports and community outreach events.

In 2022, the club facilitated a six-week Summer Flex League, two new player clinics, a demo booth at a festival, a Fall Youth League and nine weeks of Fall Doubles League. All of those rounds were free or fee-optional.

In 2023, the club is stepping up its game. The club hosted nine weeks of Winter Doubles League to start the new year, then conducted its first tournament in March. We had a Spring Youth League, a Summer Youth League, more demo events, a clinic, teaching gym classes (six days) at a local middle school, a Fall Youth League, and 14 weeks of Summer Flex League. Except for the tournament, every bit of this programming was free, along with additional community outreach events in Cresaptown, Frostburg and Keyser, W.Va. The club also served as the catalyst for the design and installation of the first and only public disc golf course in Allegany County at Hoffman Park in Frostburg.

The club currently has 93 members ranging in ages from 8 to 72, including 35 members (37.6 percent) under the age of 18 and a total of 16 female members within the Women’s and Girls’ Youth divisions (17.2 percent). The club recognizes on-course performance through its monthly Player of the Month awards program as well as its Player of the Year award. The club will host its first annual awards ceremony on Jan. 4, 2024 at City Place in Frostburg.

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