Gaughan, Dillinger lead newcomers in Youth League Week 1

Week 2 returns to Mile Lane DGC on Friday, April 14

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MOUNT SAVAGE — One reason to not have a youth-adjusted par standard on a disc golf course is that when the original par is met, it’s met with even greater joy by the player.

That happened four times Thursday evening during Week 1 of Spring Youth League at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage; four players ranging in age from 11 to 14 each recorded a single instance of throwing par on a particular hole. For each, it was the player’s first time throwing for par on any hole during a scored round with the Allegany County Disc Golf Club.

For Lilly Dillinger, 14, and Tristian Dillinger, 11, both of Romney, W.Va., it was their first time playing in an organized round. For Gaughan brothers Noah, 12, and Isaiah, 11, of Cumberland, it was their second league round and first time at Mile Lane.

Tristian Dillinger

Noah and Isaiah paired up with Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 9, of Frostburg, and played 12 baskets from the short tees starting at No. 1. Lilly and Tristian, meanwhile, were on a card with Kevin Spradlin, 44, of Frostburg. The trio started on No. 3 and played through No. 6, then plays Nos. 1 and 2 before finishing with Nos. 7-12 in proper order.

It was Isaiah who threw for par for the first time among the four newer players to the game. It took Isaiah only three strokes to finish off No. 4 to the yellow basket, some 160 feet from the tee pad marked by a blue flag.

It was Tristian’s turn next. On his sixth basket of the day, teeing off at No. 2 near the road and headed to the red, elevated basket, he had one of his best drives of the day and out drove everyone on his card on the hole. His approach shot was sound, and safe, and he tapped in for par with a bit of a smile on his face.

Not to be outdone, big sister Lilly threw for par for the first time only two baskets later. It was on No. 8; the pathway between the natural tee pad and the yellow basket approximately 145 feet away at the bottom of the hill was guarded by a plethora of trees. Lilly, though, used her her lefthand-backhand drive to go away from the majority of the trees, then had an open shot to the basket for a smart and solid approach. Saving par was an easy putt, but not one taken for granted.

Noah was the last of the four newer players to grab his par save. It was on No. 10. Noah stood on arguably the most slippery tee pad of the day and had only several trees, a shed and a large pile of deadfall in his way. It didn’t matter, as the 12-year-old thought nothing of the slight incline between himself and the elevated basket 135 feet away.

Each hole is a par three on the normal standard. On the club’s youth-adjusted par standard of 49, Spradlin-Vogelsang finished six under par with a 43. He threw for par on six of 12 holes and had the closest he’s come to an ace on No. 8, when his drive skipped off the top of the yellow basket. Noah was second with a 51, while Lilly was third with a 56. Tristian was close behind his big sister with a 60, while Isaiah rounded out the field with a 69.

Week 2 of Youth League returns to Mile Lane in Mount Savage on Friday, April 14. Tee time is 5 p.m. Play is free and open to the public. Adult club members are welcome and encouraged to play along while serving as coaches and mentors for the younger players.

Tristian Dillinger missed this forehand putt, but made a practice putt – with the exact same throwing motion – with his putter only a moment later.

Lilly Dillinger has a wide open throw as she heads to the No. 1 basket.

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