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MOUNT SAVAGE — Eight-year-old Noah Davis shined in his return to the disc golf course and managed to complete a second-half comeback to win the Youth Division in the Allegany County Disc Golf Club‘s final round of 2022.

Davis, of Frostburg, was tied with cousin Jackson Griffith, 9, of Wyommissing, Pa., with 40 strokes apiece at the midway point of the glow round Saturday night at Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage. The problem was that both trailed Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang, 9, of Frostburg, by one stroke.

Davis, playing his first round of disc golf since  Dec. 18 following a Christmas week illness, made that deficit disappear on the first hole of the back nine when he nailed one of his three birdies on the day. For Youth Division players, the club modifies the par standard from 3 for each hole the 18-hole layout from the short tees to a total of 74 (37 on the front nine and 39 on the back nine).

Davis threw for birdie on No. 10 while Griffith managed par and Spradlin-Vogelsang struggled to a six. The three-stroke swing resulted in a two-stroke lead for Davis. That lead, however, was short-lived. Spradlin-Vogelsang threw for birdie on Nos. 11 and 12 while Davis saved par on both holes. The two were tied heading into the final six of the evening. It was at that point all six players joined the same card, as one card had a player depart the field of play.

Davis birdied No. 13 and Spradlin-Vogelsang nearly matched him, but his putt attempt just nicked the tree standing guard and skipped left of the basket. Spradlin-Vogelsang forged another tie with his birdie on No. 14 to Davis’s par, and took a one-stroke lead on  No. 15 — 292 feet from near the back porch to the yellow basket — with his second eagle on the night. Davis, though, kept close by throwing a birdie.

On No. 16, Davis was the upstart who forced the tie, throwing for par while Spradlin-Vogelsang struggled with the painted tree mando and bogeyed.

Then came No. 17 — again, from near the back porch but this time below the house and up a slight hill towards the black basket by the course’s namesake road. Davis, playing the hole for only the second time, managed to save par on the par 5 hole. Spradlin-Vogelsang, meanwhile, struggled to triple bogey. The three-stroke deficit was too much to overcome on the last basket. Spradlin-Vogelsang tried valiantly — he threw for birdie to Davis’s par — but fell by two strokes.

Griffith, meanwhile, was playing in his (a) first singles round, (b) first glow round, (c) only second round of disc golf ever, and (d) the last six baskets for the first time. His performance hardly reflected his rookie status, however. Griffith trailed Davis by only one stroke after 12 baskets, but lost two more strokes when he bogeyed No. 13 (Davis for birdie, Spradlin-Vogelsang for par).

He was down, but hardly out. Griffith maintained a steady pace over the final six baskets — arguably the most difficult of the 18. He threw for par on four of the final five baskets.

Davis won with a one over par 75. Spradlin-Vogelsang finished with a 77, while Griffith logged an 80.


The race was just as close in the combined Advanced/Rec competition, which featured Bill Shreve, 46, of Cumberland, along with Frostburg residents Kevin Spradlin (43), Noah Spradlin (23) and Josiah Spradlin (13).

Kevin Spradlin managed three birdies over the front nine to Shreve’s two, but his bogey on No. 1 left them tied at two under 25 on the front nine. Noah Spradlin was three strokes back with a 28, while Josiah Spradlin tallied 31.

Shreve took a one-stroke lead on the first basket on the back nine, throwing for birdie on  No. 10 to Kevin Spradlin’s par. Shreve held that lead until No. 14, when Spradlin managed a birdie — one of six on the night — to Shreve’s par. Spradlin took a one-stroke lead on No. 15 when Shreve threw the first of only two bogeys in the round.

Then came No. 17. The basket has caused Spradlin some trouble nearly every time he plays it. Generally using a sidearm drive, his disc somehow misses the trees but lands right up against the house. This means he often has to waste a stroke to pitch out.

Spradlin figured he’d change things up and go with a backhand this time around. It didn’t work. Spradlin’s MVP Hex mid-range flew straight — as its designers intended — and landed on the back porch. Spradlin checked with course owner to ensure there was no penalty for such a lie. He pitched out from the back porch and managed a double bogey to Shreve’s second and last bogey.

Tied heading into No. 18, Shreve threw first and his drive sailed to the right of the fairway. Spradlin, meanwhile, parked it for the second time in five days. The birdie salvaged Spradlin’s second glow win since Christmas.

Spradlin finished with a personal best on the 18-hole layout from the short tees with a three under par 51. His previous best of 52 occurred twice, both times during glow rounds (Nov. 29 and Dec. 27). Shreve was one stroke back with a 52, and Noah Spradlin completed the layout for the first time with a two over par 56. He probably would have thrown a few strokes better. Before beginning play, however, he had given up his putter to Griffith to ensure each person had at least one glow disc.

Josiah Spradlin decided 12 holes on New Year’s Eve was enough. He had a 31 on the front nine, only three strokes behind his older brother.

Next up:

Week 1 of the Winter Doubles League tees off at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 1 at The Glades at Meshach Run in Accident.

Bill Shreve and Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang joined the other card for the final six baskets.



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