Campbell, Spradlin lead Youth Division in Week 3

Tie atop Advanced Division
Neece, Campbell team up to win Rec Division

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ACCIDENT — Jesse Campbell and Josiah Spradlin filled the role of mentors in Week 3 of the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s Fall Doubles League on Sunday at The Glades at Meshach Run in Accident. Seventeen players turnout on an unseasonably warm day in early November.

Both Campbell, 12, of Oakland, and Spradlin, 13, of Frostburg, play well enough to be near the middle of the pack among adult players in the Rec Division. Turnout, however, dictated the two pair up with 9-year-old Youth Division players from Frostburg — Campbell with Gary Schultz Jr., and Spradlin with younger brother Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang. The two teams worked out well enough: After 18 holes, only one stroke separated them.

This time, the Spradlin boys earned a first-place finish with a 63 on the par 58 course. The two combined for a one over par 30 on the front nine and a 33 on the back. Their first-half effort included two birdies on Nos. 5 and 8. Campbell and Schultz, meanwhile, were two strokes back after the front nine. They threw for par six of the first nine holes. Schultz withdrew from competition at the midway point, though, and Campbell finished up in Cali format — that is, he was permitted one mulligan, or re-do, on each of the last nine holes.

Had it not been for No. 5 on the back nine, Campbell and Schultz might have come away with the win. Campbell’s original drive was low, and though it was in the center of the fairway, his disc stopped less than 150 feet from the tee pad. Campbell chose to tee off a second time, and this time it went much, much better. And his approach shot was just as good. Campbell and the other five players on the card watched as the red disc sailed down the middle of the fairway, hit the ground not too far from the basket and skipped once.

That was the last time anyone saw it.

After several minutes of search, Campbell had to take a penalty stroke. He threw again from the point of his approach shot as his fourth stroke, but this time it soared, then sailed left into the woods. Throw five hit some trees and the disc failed to make it into the clearway. Campbell used a forehand throw to finish off the par 4 hole on his sixth stroke, putting it in from far outside Circle 1.

But the damage was done. Campbell and Schultz went from one down — Campbell had gained a stroke on No. 4 the second time around — to a three-stroke deficit with only four holes to go. Campbell threw for par on Nos. 6-9, while the Spradlin boys bogeyed Nos. 7 and 9.

Players in all divisions competed in a “best shot” format. Players were limited to two consecutive drives throughout the 18-hole competition. Players in both the Advanced and Rec divisions stood in line for a chance at a putt to the practice basket. One by one, a player was able to reach blindly into a box for their the name of their doubles partner.

Rec Division

Another pair of Spradlin boys let a first-place finish slip away.

Frostburg father and son duo Kevin Spradlin, 43, and Noah Spradlin, 23, led the four-team Rec Division field by two strokes at the midway point. They could not, however, duplicate their first-half success — and most of the rest of the either caught up or passed them.

On No. 1 on the back nine, Oakland residents Beau Neece, 34, and Joel Campbell, 15, threw for birdie while the Spradlins made par. On No. 14 — No. 5 the second time around — Neece and Campbell handled the 400-foot downhill open fairway along the power lines better than anyone else in the Rec Division. They threw for another birdie, forging a tie with the Spradlins with four baskets remaining.

Team Neece-Campbell,birdied No. 6 on the back nine to pull ahead. Levi Campbell, 17, of Oakland, and Nicholas Willmon, 28, of Oakland, also threw for birdie on No. 6 to cut the gap between them and the Spradlins to one.

The Spradlins bogeyed No. 7, while Team Neece-Campbell threw for par, taking a two-stroke lead. Just as important, Team Campbell-Willmon also threw for par, which tied them with the Spradlins.

Team Neece-Campbell held on for the division win with a 55. Team Campbell-Willmon and Team Spradlin-Spradlin tied for second with a 57, while Tyler Willmon, 28, of Oakland, finished fourth with a 63. Tyler Willmon played the entire 18 holes in “Cali” style, which, like Jesse Campbell in the Youth Division on the back nine, permitted him one do-over throw on each hole.

Advanced Division

Sometimes, 18 holes just isn’t enough.

The team of Scott Mallery, 54, of Mount Savage, and Zack Brooks, 35, of Frederick, earned a 10 under par 48. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what Allegany County Disc Golf Club October Player of the Month Bill Shreve, 46, of Cumberland, and Colby Mallery, 19, of Mount Savage, scored.

Both teams each tallied 10 birdies along the way. Down by one stroke after 13 holes, Team Mallery-Brooks birdied No. 6 the second time around to forge a lasting tie with Team Shreve-Mallery.

Caleb Campbell, 19, of Oakland, and Ethan von Hagel, 20, of Cumberland, finished third with a 52. The duo finished with six birdies, including two on their last three holes.

Week 3 notes

* The first points list for Fall Doubles League will be released this week. Stay tuned to Points are earned weekly based on a mix of performance and participation. Players in each division are vying for free entries into the Allegany County Disc Golf Doubles Championships set for Saturday, March 4, 2023.

* Another $15 was added to the ace pot, which now stands at $39.

* Ethan von Hagel won CPT on No. 2 and chose a new Innova Teebird. Luke Spradlin-Vogelsang won CTP for the Youth Division on No. 6 and chose a new Innova Roc 3.

* A total of 22 different players have toed the tee pads in the first three weeks of Fall Doubles League. That compares quite favorably to all 18 weeks of the 2021-22 Fall/Winter Doubles League, during which a total of 23 different players competed. The weekly average of 13.3 players in Fall Doubles League is nearly double the average of 7.5 players per week last year.

* The format for Week 4 will be decided in large part on the Allegany County Disc Golf Club’s Facebook page. Players can choose between the formats listed in a post (to be posted on Thursday, Nov. 10) and cast their vote right there in the comments section on Facebook or by sending a text to 301-338-4533.

* Week 4 of Fall Doubles League returns to Mile Lane Disc Golf Course in Mount Savage. Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. with a 2 p.m. tee time.


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