Goodman: Legislative session nears midway point

Assuming the two chambers of the General Assembly can get a quick agreement on the budget, we should be near the midpoint of our session.  For the past two weeks House members have put in long hours, often late into the night.  We were in Session until 2:30 AM Thursday to meet the cross-over deadline of April 30, which is the deadline for passing a bill out of its house of origin.

The Raleigh Report by Rep. Ken Goodman

The Raleigh Report
by Rep. Ken Goodman

Now, the Senate will hear House bills and we will consider those that originated in the other chamber.  There is no requirement that either body has to hear any bill from the other.  Historically, the Senate has been recalcitrant about hearing a lot of our bills.  I don’t know if they just don’t want to work that hard, or if they think they are that much wiser than we are.  Of course, I’m just kidding but the House usually passes twice as many bills as the Senate.

Looking ahead, by mid-May, the House will present its version of the budget and should vote it out by the end of the month.  It then goes to the Senate for their input, after which the two Chambers will hammer out a version on which we can both agree.

The month of April was very busy with meetings in the district.

On April 6, I met with the Hoke Board of Commissioners and representatives from DOT to try to find a way to help home owners who live on private unpaved roads.  I attended meetings with the Robeson, Scotland, Richmond and Montgomery County Commissioners during the month. On April 23, I enjoyed the Third-Grade talent show at the I. E. Johnson Elementary School in Laurinburg.  The next morning I attended the Leader-In-Me-Program at L. J. Bell Elementary in Richmond County.  On Monday, April 27, I attended the Legislative Brunch in Montgomery County.

Visitors from the District:

  • Kevin Patterson, Scotland County Manager
  • Corey Freidman, Richmond County Daily Journal
  • Hoke County Chamber Leadership Group
  • Reese Saunders – Richmond County District Attorney
  • Jeff Joyner and Carlton Hawkins representing the Rockingham American Legion Post 147.
  • Sheriffs from the District were in town for a conference.  I had visits from Sheriff James Clemmons (Richmond); Sheriff Hubert Peterkin (Hoke); and Sheriff Kenneth Sealey (Robeson).
  • Teddy Warner, Community Development Director for the City of Laurinburg
  • Montgomery County Youth Leadership Group, led by Ms. Christina Haynes.  The Youth Leadership Montgomery Program is sponsored by NC Cooperative Extension – Montgomery County Center, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery County Schools and Montgomery Community College.  The group consists of 18 youth who represent East Montgomery High School, West Montgomery High School, Wescare Christian Academy, Graystone Day School and Faith Academy Homeschool. Students commit to this year-long leadership program and as a part of the requirements, they visit the NC Legislature in Raleigh.
  • NC Realtors from the district were in Raleigh for a conference and I had the pleasure of visiting with their group and speaking to them for a few minutes.

I enjoyed meeting with Pamela D. Nicholson, Catina Jones and Sabrina McDonald from the district when they were in Raleigh for Delta Day at the Legislature.

If you find yourself in the Raleigh area, please drop by my office for a visit.  I always enjoy seeing familiar and friendly faces from the district.

Please feel free to contact me when you have questions or concerns pertaining to legislative matters.

Contact Information:
919-733-5823 (Office)
919-733-2599 (Fax)
Room 542 – Legislative Office Building, 300 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27603

Rep. Ken Goodman serves in the North Carolina House of Representatives for District 66, which includes Hoke, Montgomery, Richmond, Robeson and Scotland counties.

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