Members sought for Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is seeking nominations through June 26for two seats on its Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee, a board of North Carolina residents that provides advice to the Commission on nongame wildlife conservation issues across the state.

The first seat is an “expert affiliate seat.” Nominees for this seat should have extensive biological, regional, academic, scientific and/or habitat expertise and experience in matters dealing with nongame wildlife conservation in North Carolina.

WRCThe second seat is an at-large “affiliate seat.” Nominees for this seat should be qualified individuals from land trusts serving North Carolina, federal natural resource agencies other than the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, non-governmental conservation organizations, industries with operations and/or management that have landscape-scale effects on wildlife, or other organizations that provide a stakeholder voice in wildlife resource conservation. Individuals should have a comprehensive knowledge of nongame wildlife conservation in North Carolina.

The Wildlife Commission asks committee members to participate actively throughout their terms.  The committee meets four times a year, usually at the Commission’s headquarters in Raleigh. The 19-member board of Wildlife Commissioners will appoint committee members at its July 9 meeting in Raleigh based on nominees’ credentials, expertise, affiliation and constituency at large.

To nominate an individual for the Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee, submit a nomination form with information regarding affiliation and expertise, a résumé, if available, and a cover letter. These documents can be downloaded from the Commission’s website, Click on the “Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee” icon on the home page.

While electronic submissions are preferred, hard copies can be mailed to the Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee, Attn: Shauna Glover, Division of Inland Fisheries, MSC 1721, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-1721. Submit electronic nominations to

For more information about the committee or the nomination process, call Glover at 919-707-0064.

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  • MythBustin

    North Carolina Rep Grahams Bill HR 736 May 2015

    These rights have led to intense opposition and protests from non-Indian hunters and fishermen and state wildlife agencies. Non-Indian hunters and fishermen resent the fact that Indians are not subject to the same state regulations imposed on them. State agencies have protested the fact that legitimate conservation goals are compromised when Indians claimants can hunt and fish without having to follow state wildlife regulations.

    NC-HB 736 proposes no fishing /hunting license requirement for people claiming Indian ancestry in appreciation of their heritage in North Carolina..
    How does this help protect the Wildlife! Loss of state license revenue! Is this Discriminatory based of Race or heritage?
    Only as a result of treaties signed between a tribe and the federal government should any privilege be given, there must be a Legal cause Justification other than Race or Heritage

    Justifying Exempting individuals claiming Indian heritage from a Hunting/Fishing License fees based on a claimed Race or state Indian heritage claim, discriminates against non-Indians ,Blacks,Scotts,Germans et,,,,all fish or hunt,as all citizens are equal when it comes to Paying state fees and Laws. State Ethnic heritage should not be a factor other than If there was some historic Treaty to a Sovereign Nation. These things are based on Sovereignty Treaty Rights not Race. none of the state groups are Sovereign or have historic treaties.

    State TRIBAL recognition was not created to bestows Exemptions from laws or benefits on a special interest group from the fair and equal Laws ,such Laws puts one special interest group Superior to the others and reek of politics.
    Having a claim to indian ancestry alone does not justify exemption to any Laws. State tax revenue belongs to all the people of the state,,shouldn’t they decide such laws. This is a loss of state fee revenue from thousands of recreational users and does nothing to protect Wildlife or promote Unity, it further segregates us all based on claimed ethnicity !

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