Letter: Put Farmers’ Market back on Harrington Square

To the editor:
Citizens, patrons, and customers of the local Farmers’ Market.
Once again the location of the Farmers’ Market for this year is up for grabs.   First, it was located on the town square.  Since that location presented a problem (?) it was moved to the parking lot adjoining BB&T Bank. Now, an even different location is being sought for this summer.
letter_logoWhy is it necessary to keep changing the  market location?  What was wrong with the town square?  I loved the square.  It was convenient, appealing, attractive and friendly.  I believe that the majority of people who patronized the market also preferred this location.  It had the small town magnetic charm that no other location in Richmond County has.
My inquiry as to why the square is not an appropriate location received the response that “some felt it would create traffic problems on Wednesdays”.  What?  Traffic problem in downtown Rockingham?  I personally made a point of observing the volume of traffic on Wednesdays and I found that the five people who chose to go out for lunch did not create an appreciable increase in the volume of traffic.  In addition, what happens downtown on Wednesdays (as opposed to Tuesdays, Thursdays or any other day) that seriously affects traffic flow?
Having spoken to market customers and vendors alike, the sentiment expressed  is the same: Give us back our Farmers’ Market on the town square and stop fixing stuff that wasn’t broke in the first place!
I encourage all citizens who share this concern not to sit back quietly. Make your wishes known!
Looking forward to seeing you on the square.
Jonette Wall
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