RSHS Choir earns ‘Superior’ rating at choral festival

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Submitted photo

MONROE — The Richmond Senior High School Choir, under the direction of John Tyson, recently received superior ratings at the NC State High School Choral Festival MPA (Music Performance Adjudication) held at Wingate University.

The choir performed on stage for a panel of judges and in front of a sight-reading judge where they were given a rhythm and melody to sight-read that they have never seen before. The choir received a superior rating (the highest a choir can
receive) in both categories. The NC Choral MPA is similar to an EOG or EOC for choir, Tyson explained, where the group receives a rating from the state.

“We are continuing a legacy and building traditions here at RSHS,” Tyson said. “The students have worked extremely hard this year, and I am very proud of them.”

The competition requires that choirs sing two pieces of contrasting style. The choir performed “Hold Fast To Dreams” by Susan LaBarr and “Sinnuh Man” by Kenny Potter. “The composer of “Sinnuh Man” was at the choral festival and when he heard that we were singing one of his pieces he came into the warm-up room to listen and talk to the choir. It was a surreal experience,” said Tyson.

The students, too, expressed their excitement with the choral program at Richmond Senior High School! “I love choir because it is like a family and I really enjoy the challenging music that Mr. Tyson picks out for us. Mr. Tyson has pushed us in a short amount of time to be the best that we can be and make beautiful harmonies together.” said Maggi Chambers

The choir is currently doing an in county tour and visiting all of the elementary and middle schools in Richmond County. While at the schools the choir is not only performing for the students but also talking to them about the importance of music and they impact that music has had on their lives. There is also a chance for the students at the various schools to have a question and answer session with the high school choir students.

Student Dadriene Davis said, “Going around to all of the schools to perform and talk to the students is a great opportunity for us to spread our love of music and influence all of the kids at our feeder programs in hopes that they to will sign up for choir some day!”

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