PDP creates community scholarship

To be awarded to Raider senior in May

Staff report

* Application form (PDF)

ROCKINGHAM — The Pee Dee Post is proud to announce the creation of The Pee Dee Post Community Scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior at Richmond Senior High School on May 21 at the schools annual Academic Awards Banquet. Managing Editor Kevin Spradlin finalized the details of the scholarship on Monday with Karen McLean, of the school’s Career Information Center.

Raiders_logo“The creation of this scholarship is another demonstration of your local newspaper’s commitment to being a part of the community,” Spradlin said. “PDP staff work very hard to return as much of the revenue back to the community as possible.”

Applications must be submitted to McLean at Richmond Senior High School before April 2. The scholarship will be a minimum of $500 and may be renewable for up to three years pending successful completion of a competitive application process each year.

Specifically, the scholarship is designed to assist a graduating senior with the financial expenses related to pursuing higher education at a two-year or four-year college or vocational school.

“In keeping with the PDP’s military-friendly mission, those students who are choosing to enter the armed forces are also encouraged to apply,” Spradlin said. “There’s a cost to choosing that career path as well, and I’d be happy to support that.”

There are no GPA or income requirements. Preference may be given to students who can show a pattern of active engagement within their community through the arts or sports, an who plan to continue those activities beyond high school. This can be demonstrated through participation with high school organizations, off-campus groups or both.

The application requires at least two letters of recommendation, high school transcripts and an essay.

“Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, the scholarship will be funded through a run-paddle-run event planned in Rockingham along Hitchcock Creek next winter,” Spradlin said. “Based on that event’s success, I anticipate opening up additional scholarship slots to even more Raider seniors and homeschooled students as well.”

The new scholarship is one of many ways in which The Pee Dee Post and PeeDeePost.com supports the Richmond County community. The digital newspaper is a corporate sponsor of the Richmond Raiders Marching Band and a benefactor to the Richmond Community Theatre, and supports many other local efforts.

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  • Kevin Spradlin

    If you want to know how we’re doing and what we’re doing, please don’t write under a fake name and jump to inaccurate conclusions. Doing so leads to nothing good for anyone.

    Visit the office at 301 E. Washington St. and I’ll be happy to fill you in.


  • Kyle Garcia

    Mr. Spradlin, I would also like to know how the PDP is spending its GoFundMe donations, and I don’t think I’m alone. Meeting with you in your office would only satisfy one man’s curiosity. I believe what people want is a public accounting of how you are spending their money. It would be great to see a post on PDP about this. I wouldn’t go so far as “Seems Shady” but yes the timing does at least raise questions. Hope to see you address this head-on and prove PDP accountable

    • Kevin Spradlin

      Good morning Mr. Garcia,

      The Pee Dee Post is a for-profit entity, and currently meets all legally required reporting requirements. The PDP is not required to offer the public an accounting of the operation.

      I feel I’m going above and beyond, however, by offering full disclosure to each person who asks in person. The one-on-one situation allows me the opportuity to better explain the PDP and its mission (and future options) and I feel if I’m offering anyone the data, I also have the right to explain the data and tell the “story behind the story,” so to speak.

      As long as the PDP is for-profit, there will not be an article on PDP about the PDP’s finances (unless it’s to repeat what I’m writing here).

      I’m more than willing to show the numbers to those who come in (with advance notice, as I’d have to set aside time for that conversation) and are genuinely interested. They will not leave with a copy of the numbers and, in fact, they’ll be required to sign a notarized nondisclosure statement. But they’ll have the data they seek (and hopefully a better understanding of a day in the life of the PDP).

      Thank you,


      • Guest

        And you know people aren’t going to come in – that’s why you do it that way. So, you’re not willing to be as transparent as you and the Urinal want everyone else to be. Comically ironic, to say the least. 🙂

        • Kevin Spradlin

          Why wouldn’t people come in? I’ve welcomed many visitors, unexpected and otherwise, to 301 E. Washington St. It’s not a fancy office, to be sure, but I have a seat for them just the same.

          Thank you for your anonymous input.


      • Kyle Garcia

        Thanks for your answer. That’s very disappointing, but it’s nothing if not honest. I believe your argument about being a private business would hold more water if you weren’t comparing the Post to NPR and soliciting contributions from members of the public. You aren’t legally required to give a financial report, but many in RCO strongly feel it’s the right thing to do. I wish you would listen.

        • Kevin Spradlin

          And I will offer those figures, Mr. Garcia – on the terms I’ve already given. I don’t think that’s too much to expect; I simply want the ability to meet those who seem interested in the data.

          If the PDP goes nonprofit – and that’s an option still on the table – then the issue becomes moot. Until then, here I am, a private business, willing to offer pretty much any figure anyone wants, but on one condition: I want to meet the person requesting the info.


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