Ex employee accused of embezzling $6,000

Update – March 3 at 4:56 p.m.: Due to a source’s error, this report initially indicated a different, incorrect amount for which the suspect is alleged to have embezzled. The report now reflects the true figure. We apologize for the error.

By Kevin Spradlin

A former employee of a Rockingham chiropractor has been arrested and charged with felony embezzlement.

Lesley Shea Altman

Lesley Shea Altman

Lesley Shea Altman, 26, is allegedĀ to have taken $6,000 since starting employment at Dr. David Arnold’s Long Drive location in February 2014.

Altman was arrested Monday by Rockingham police officers and taken to the Richmond County Jail for processing.

Katherine Arnold, business co-owner, was reached Tuesday evening and provided additional information. Arnold said the $6,000 figure represents “a sampling of what she allegedly did and how she allegedly did it, which was enough for an arrest.”

The actual amount of money missing is closer to $10,000, Arnold said.

“As we comb through all the files, we will be adding to the total amount allegedly stolen over the next few weeks and turning it over to the Rockingham Police Department,” Arnold said.

Arnold emphasized that Altman did not steal any credit card or debit card numbers. Arnold accused her instead of running the cards through the office terminal and allegedly posting them in the software as paid.

According to Arnold, she then allegedly “voided that same payment in our HIPAA-compliant software, which is no way connected to any outside entity, and gave that person a credit/discount for the amount of the payment. She then allegedly applied that payment to patients that paid cash for copays of full visit and took the cash.”

“She also allegedly took cash payments and failed to record them in our system,” Arnold said. “At the end of the day, payments balanced because of the credits she applied. She took cash only by manipulation of our software.”

Arnold noted that all accusations are just that, and was confident the facts would be resolved in court.


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  • Irresponsible “Reporting”

    This is what happens when you let anonymous people tell you rumors about crimes and you report those rumors without even trying to get the truth. It’s the same crap you’ve pulled before and you never seem to learn your lesson. Stop putting gossip online please!!!

    • Sue

      It does take time to check facts! But when you want to be the first to report trash you got to get a jump on stuff like the true facts not “so called sources”. And it was nice for Mrs. Arnold who uses the word allegedly quite a bit to make her comments now, not in the original reporting.If I am not mistaken its still innocent until proven guilty ! But I guess its ok to ruin a persons life.

  • HRS1064

    I certainly hope that all of these accusations can be proven without a doubt… It certainly raises questions for you as a business owner Mrs. Arnold that some in the community are aware of two other individuals that you claimed have also “allegedly” mishandled money in your office. I suppose if you are going to spread rumors and ruin peoples life you have to make at least one of your claims look legitimate.

  • anonymous

    I would be very interested in knowing who the other two ladies were that “allegedly” stole money? First names is all I need to know

    • Sue

      Ok this is a small office not that many employees.Why give first names to ruin these peoples lives too? She didn’t press charges but some of the accusations were word for word of her comments yesterday. If she suspected this was so easy why not change the system that she probably set up. Let them both have their day in court, but I Certainty hope
      she can prove it! Small town!

      • anonymous

        Maybe this is an ex employee I would wantto know if there was a slight possibility i was gonna be dragged into this mess!

        • HRS1064

          Maybe you are an ex employee or maybe this is one of the Arnold’s trying to cover there backside. Be cautious of comments on here as well based on the ad space it appears Mr. Spradlin has a business relationship with them I’m sure a nice contribution to this operation and he would be willing to hand over the email addresses we use to make comments here. Based on personal encounters the Arnold’s are quacks and I wouldn’t do a thing to help them including posting an innocent persons name for it to get dragged through the mud also

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