Authorities seek to locate ‘most wanted’ deadbeat dads

They owe a combined $48,262.50


By Kevin Spradlin

Authorities seek your help in locating Richmond County’s top five most wanted “deadbeat dads” who owe a combined $48,262.50 in back child support.

Mark V. McRae leads the list. He owes $29,835.95. His last known address isĀ 1885 Blake St., Fayetteville.

Rockingham resident Adrian C. Bowden is No. 2 on the list. Bowden is $8,823.75 in arrears. His last known address is 2401 Old Aberdeen Road.

Mocksville resident Curtis Russell James, with a last known address of 1136 Jamestown Road, is third on the list. Authorities said he owes $6,693.34.

Hamlet resident Terrence Cephas, with a last known address of 136 Page St., is No. 4 with arrears in the amount of $1,672.

Filling out the top five most wanted is another Hamlet man, Marcus L. Jones. Authorities said Jones, who has a last known address of 263 Earl Franklin Drive., owes $1,237.46.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the individuals are ask to call Richmond County Crime Stoppers at 910-997-5454.

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  • Tanya Jennings

    They forgot my oldest daughter’s father! 30,000 in the hole too!

  • Melissa

    My ex owes my son over $5,000….he’s still on the run. Haven’t seen him in a year. Has a failure to appear

  • Audrea Tadlock

    My ex husband owes over 2000.00 for two kids and the childsupport place around here dont seem to care add Derek Overcash to your list….

  • Guest

    I’ll speak from experience, Richmond County Child Support does an OUTSTANDING job, however, they are VERY short staffed. Word to the wise, help them help you before you go complaining about their performance.

    • Tanya Jennings

      Help them how? I don’t know where he is. They could care less! So please while your defending them please take in consideration that I have been dealing with them for 17yrs. It seems that they are not concerned with my case because i’m a working mother who takes care of mine. They are rude for NO reason and they are not efficient if your not receiving assistance from social services..

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