‘This … has made my Christmas complete’

Pence Place youth get KFC, gifts 

Staff report

EAST ROCKINGHAM — Giving amongst each other is a fine idea. Giving to others, it turns out, was even better.

Members of the Criminal Investigations Divisions, under the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, escorted Santa Claus with blue lights and sirens to Pence Place in East Rockingham to deliver Santa — and, well, Christmas.

Submitted photo

Submitted photo

The Airport Road facility is a group home for youth up to age 18 with physical and mental disabilities. The home is managed by Monarch and can manage up to nine people at a time.

Capt. Jay Childers said in an email to The Pee Dee Post that “when the investigators were discussing buying each other in the office Christmas gifts, it was suggested we just pitch in money and buy for the kids instead. Everybody started pitching in money and we were able to buy clothes and toys for all the kids.”

Det. Terri Childers learned the youth loved to eat chicken. So the gift-giving didn’t end with toys and clothing.

“With the help of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Rockingham (we) fed the kids and staff workers KFC for lunch,” Jay Childers said.

Childers said Pence Place goes largely unnoticed but “serves a great need.”

“They are always in need of toothpaste, shampoo, deodorants, body wash and household needs such as laundry detergent, Dawn dish detergent and paper plates,” he said.

Submitted photo

Submitted photo

Those who wish to contribute should call Beth at 910-895-1116.

The feeling of giving, Childers said, is well worth the cost.

“I tell you, doing this today has made my Christmas complete,” Childers said. “If I don’t get another gift the rest of my life, it was worth it all today. It’s hard to go in there and watch them interacting with Santa and other detectives without bringing tears to your eyes.”

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  • Joey DeBerry

    With all the bad in this World going on, what this group and others are doing is what Christmas is all about the Children and the Elderly . I come on here and complain alot about the terrible things and Politicians we have ,but all you Folks took time to do a wonderful thing and that to me makes you all Heroes that do have a Heart.God Bless you all for taking time for these kids and Merry Christmas to you all.

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