Hamlet woman cashes in on $1 million prize

Will split cash with 20 others

By Kevin Spradlin

* Oct. 21: Ellie seeks to be ‘the one’ on MTV show
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* MTV’s “Are You The One?”

A Hamlet woman has been chosen as “the one” and will share in a $1 million prize.

Ellie Puckett, 23, was one of 10 perfect matches made on MTV’s “Are You The One?” The final episode of the second season aired Monday night. Puckett celebrated at Fatz Cafe in Rockingham.

Ellie Puckett on MTV's "Are You The One"

Ellie Puckett on MTV’s “Are You The One”

Grandmother Janie Puckett said she and Ellie have known the outcome of the show “but we couldn’t tell.”

Each of the game show’s 21 contestants will receive about $47,619.04, before taxes, if the prize is shared equally.

From the start of the season finale, it didn’t appear as if Ellie would be matched well with Nathan, a young man from Michigan. There was, to say the least, tension. Ellie accused Nathan of not courting her aggressively enough; Nathan responded that he couldn’t — not when Ellie was spending time  with another man each night.

In a kitchen scene, Nathan tells Ellie she reminds him of her best friend. Ellie takes that as a positive.

“Obviously, that’s God giving you a sign,” Ellie said.

“Yeah,” countered Nathan. “Not a good one.”

Nathan said being with Ellie might be like sleeping with his sister.

In the aftermath of 10 perfect matches being made on set, located at a sprawling home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puckett called it “the best experience of my life.”

“Sometimes we wanted to kill each other,” Puckett said.

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