2 suspects in armed robbery caught


* Update: Man arrested, held on $20,000 bond
* Previous coverage: 2 women robbed at gunpoint

From AberdeenTimes.com

Two suspects in an armed robbery that happened in Richmond County this afternoon were arrested in Southern Pines after a traffic stop Wednesday. The traffic stop and arrest occurred on West Pennsylvania Avenue in front of Purcell Funeral Home just before 5:30 p.m. — less than an hour after the robbery reportedly took place.

Photo by AberdeenTimes.com

Photo by AberdeenTimes.com

An observant North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper spotted a vehicle driving north on US Highway 1 in the Pinebluff area that matched the description given to authorities by the two female victims. The two women had been accosted in the BP gas station parking lot in Hoffman.

The state trooper radioed ahead for back-up and followed the vehicle as it continued driving north on U.S. Route 1.

After turning off of Route 1 onto Pennsylvania Avenue in Southern Pines, the trooper, along with assistance from the Southern Pines Police Department, did a felony traffic stop on the car with two occupants. At the same time the car was being stopped other officers moved into place to close Pennsylvania Avenue to traffic in both directions while the subjects who were reported to be armed could be taken into custody.

According to First Sgt. Eric Ritter, officers took a black male and a black female into custody at the scene. The two were reportedly transported back to Richmond County by law enforcement. In addition Ritter stated that a search of the vehicle located a handgun which was seized as possible evidence. The vehicle was also seized and picked up by a wrecker for transport back to Richmond County.

West Pennsylvania Avenue was closed to traffic for approximately 30 minutes before normal traffic could resume in the area.

Participating in the traffic stop and subsequent arrests were units with the state patrol, Southern Pines Police Department, and the Moore County Sheriff’s Office. Officers from Richmond County also responded to the location of the traffic stop on Pennsylvania Avenue.


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  • Lisa Ballard Jenks

    Good job to highway patrol, Richmond county sheriff’s dept, southern pines police dept, and anyone involved that I missed!!!! U guys put yr life on the line, so much more than ppl realize….I say yes to the cameras that the incident in Ferguson, is pushing for….I think we will be RECOGNIZING a lot more officers for a job WELL DONE than ppl have ever imagined!!! Thanks to all of you!

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