Police: Investigation ongoing into fatal shooting


By Kevin Spradlin

* Man dies from gunshot wound, shooter in custody
* Reporter: Shooter released from custody

A Rockingham Police Department news release issued at 10:46 a.m. Wednesday indicated the investigation into Tuesday’s fatal shooting at a home on Pecan Street is still ongoing.

Kevin Spradlin | PeeDeePost.com Rockingham Police Chief Billy Kelly is shown early Tuesday afternoon on scene of a fatal shooting.

Kevin Spradlin | PeeDeePost.com
Rockingham Police Chief Billy Kelly is shown early Tuesday afternoon on scene of a fatal shooting.

Because of that, police said, the department “is still not able to speculate on any charges forthcoming in this case.”

The Rockingham Police Department investigators are working with the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office to work “on various aspects of the case.”

Police said a “more thorough update” will be provided as soon as possible.

Authorities said the man claimed self defense in the shooting, which occurred at about 12:36 p.m. Tuesday. A source said the shooting victim, who later died of the single gunshot wound from a .22-caliber firearm, had threatened the man with a knife.

That’s when the shooter reached for his gun. It’s not known if the shooter was injured in the incident. Though exact details are not yet known, it’s been reported by multiple individuals that the source of the argument was about dogs on the property.

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  • Luck

    Heres what happened. Eric came home and immediately started an argument with Dewey. He was screaming at Dewey saying that Dewey’s dog was making the house smell bad. Dewey argued back saying that was not true. Eric continued to scream and yell at Dewey and threatening to fight Dewey. Dewey felt threatened and aggravated by Eric screaming at him and he grabbed a knife to defend himself. The couple continued arguing and ended up on the deck outside. Lisa who is Dewey’s sister was there and was screaming at Eric to leave Dewey alone. Lisa got in between the two and was standing in front of Dewey. Eric leaves the deck and goes back inside the house. He grabs his 22 rifle and goes back outside. Eric points and shoots at Lisa and Dewey who is over 20 feet away and hits Dewey between the chest and shoulder. I really don’t know how Lisa wasn’t the one shot as she was in front of Dewey facing in Eric’s direction.

    Eric’s temper caused him to make a wrong decision. Eric had the opportunity to get in his vehicle which he passed on the way inside, he could have called the police on Dewey, ran away or went back in the house and locked the doors and calmed down. Instead he chose to go back outside and kill Dewey. I think once Dewey was shot and fell to the ground it hit Eric that he had made a mistake. He went over to Dewey and tried to help by holding pressure on the wound and slow down the bleeding. The bullet hit a main artery and there was nothing that could be done. Dewey passed away at the hospital shortly afterwards.

    I know Eric didn’t want Dewey to die. Eric just let hit temper get the best of him and made a terrible decision. This doesn’t change the fact that Eric left the area where the argument was and went inside out of harms way. Then Eric went back to where Dewey was and killed him. It is not self defense when you leave and come back and shoot someone that has a knife that is over 20 feet away from you while another person is holding that person back. Dewey was no longer a threat at this point. I believe that if you are not in immediate danger that you are breaking the law by shooting at two people that are over 20 feet away and killing one of them. I know Eric may not have wanted Dewey to die but he needs to be punished for what he has done.

    This family needs prayers and support at this tragic time.

    • Vickie Singletary

      Don’t you think that this was inappropriate to print? This would seem to me to hinder or at least try to sway the investigation. No one needs to know (publicly) what happened until it is discussed in court. PeeDeePost I really thought you guys were moderating the comments, but this seems to show that you are not. Regardless of the situation, let the law seek out the facts and for goodness sake stop trying to sensationalize such a tragedy.

  • Don Batten

    I’m glad to see the pee dee post finally took down the comment from “Lucky” I hope the police bring charges against this person. I found the same post in the daily journal. If lucky knows so much He or She could help the police instead of posting their version of the story. People don’t think before they start telling stories or spreading rumors. Pee Dee post should support the facts, and not allow someone to post a story under an alias Shame on you. But at least someone took it down. Vickie has a good point. At least someone is using good judgement. Thanks Vickie, I think you deserve a big hug!!!!!!

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