Law enforcement tackles bus, student safety

Richmond County Schools wrapped up what officials called a successful week of School Bus Stop Safety.

The State Highway Patrol, along with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Hamlet Police Department and Rockingham Police Department, increased their presence throughout the week to raise awareness of the proper safety measures when sharing the roads with our school buses.

ViolationsLike our surrounding counties, Richmond County Schools has taken additional measures to ensure the safety of our students by installing stop arm cameras on our school buses.

According to the above link, the stop-arm violation camera system consists of multiple high resolution video cameras that are calibrated and mounted at strategic locations outside the bus.  These exterior and interior video cameras are recording continuously during a bus route. The recording system captures multiple activities that ultimately allow for thorough investigations so the violators can be identified and prosecuted.

The General Assembly has provided funding last year and this year for counties to purchase Stop Arm Cameras. Richmond County Schools purchased stop-arm cameras from Fortress Mobile, of Charlotte.

“The goal for the county is to use these stop arm camera systems to help prevent stop-arm violations from occurring,” said Corey W. Davis, transportation director. “When these violations occur, children are exposed to grave danger.  Richmond County Schools’ students should be as safe coming to or leaving the bus as they are while they are on the bus.  Keeping students safe at passenger stops is a top priority for Richmond County Schools Transportation Department.”

Fatalities“I think the stop arm camera systems in the county will be a true asset and will contribute significantly to the safety of children.” Davis said. “I believe drawing attention to those violating the law will help raise awareness of the public and decrease the number of violations.  Keeping the students of Richmond County Schools safe on and around school buses is my department’s top priority.”

The State Highway Patrol increased its presence around school zones and dangerous roads on Monday of the week between Nov. 10 and Nov. 14. 

Charges for Nov. 10:
Reckless Driving (4 violations)
* 0-15 mph over posted speed limit (21)
* 16-25 mph over posted speed limit (35)
* 25 + mph over posted speed limit (5)
Equipment Violations (2)
Drivers License Violations (4)
Vehicle Registration Violations (3)
Move-Over Violations (2)

School Bus LawFortunately, there were no charges on passing a stopped school bus during this time. Rockingham Police Department and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office also reported no illegal passing charges throughout this week as they monitored traffic around school bus routes. Hamlet Police Department also assisted the school system throughout the week.

Submitted photo Stop-arm cameras are now installed on Richmond County Schools buses.

Submitted photo
Stop-arm cameras are now installed on Richmond County Schools buses.

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