Parvo outbreak closes animal shelter to public

By Kevin Spradlin

ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Animal Shelter is closed to the public effective Tuesday morning due to a Parvo outbreak.

County Manager Rick Sago said that some animals have tested positive for the Parvo virus, which is “an acute, highly contagious disease of dogs that was first described in the early 1970s. The virus has a tendency to attack rapidly reproducing cells, such as those lining the gastrointestinal tract.”

Sago said that based on advice from state officials and veterinarian of record, Dr. Ralph Souder, of Gandy Animal Hospital in Rockingham, the Richmond County Animal Shelter will be closed for about a week to the public. The shelter is scheduled to re-open at noon on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

This closing includes all animal transports to the spay and neuter clinic.

Sago expressed optimism that by closing the facility to the public and quarantining animals — currently, none of them show symptoms — that the problem can be managed easily and quickly.

“Maybe we caught it early,” Sago said.

The Aug. 31 census of the shelter was 135 dogs and 114 cats. On Tuesday, those figures were 63 dogs and 61 cats.

If residents have an animal emergency, they may contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at 910-997-8283 for the Animal Control officers. Residents with any questions or concerns may contact Rebecca Davis, shelter director, at 910-895-0335.

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