Bank requests ‘immediate and exclusive custody’ of Rockingham Speedway

The Finley Group expected to take control of The Rock on Sept. 25
Owners Hillenburg, Silas owe more than $4.5 million

By Kevin Spradlin

ROCKINGHAM — Thanks for the memories, Rockingham.

The Rockingham Speedway has taken another step towards being a part of racing history as attorneys for track co-owners Andy Hillenburg, of Harrsburg, N.C., and Bill Silas, of Stuart, Fla., are due in Richmond County Superior Court later this month.

Attorneys David M. Schilli and Brian L. Church, represent the Salisbury bank Farmers and Merchants. The bank owns the note on the loan. According to court records, Hillenburg and Silas owed $4,532,796.23 as of Aug. 8. The parties are due in court at 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25. Both Hillenburg and Silas, who together own Rockingham Racing Park LLC, were served on Aug. 28.

An image from thanks fans for helping to bring NASCAR back to Rockingham.

An image from thanks fans for helping to bring NASCAR back to Rockingham.

On behalf of Farmers and Merchants, Schilli and Church have asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent either Hillenburg or Silas from accessing the property at 2152 U.S. Highway 1 North. If the attorneys’ motion is granted, Michael W. Smith of The Finley Group will be take control of the speedway and all its assets as managing agent. Smith would, among other things, be authorized to put the property up for sale.

The speedway is situated on 244.24 acres. The land alone is valued at about $2.5 million.

According to court records, Smith is a member of the North Carolina Motor Sports Association and is familiar with any process that goes along with “potential liquidation.”

The motion for a preliminary injunction requests of Judge W. David Lee to grant a temporary restraining order, appoint The Finley Group as managing agent and authorize the managing agent to take “immediate and exclusive custody.”

Hillenburg and Silas purchased the track for $4 million in 2007 from Speedway Motorsports Inc. at an auction that had fewer than 10 bidders. Hillenburg worked as the on-site manager to build and promote the sport of racing. NASCAR abandoned the track in 2004. Hillenburg worked to bring lower-tier racing back and, in 2012, brought back

This photo, taken from, shows an aerial view of the former NASCAR championship track.

This photo, taken from, shows an aerial view of the former NASCAR championship track.

According to, North Carolina Motor Speedway merged with Penske Motorsports in 1997. The track was renamed North Carolina Speedway and held two NASCAR Nextel Cup races a year through 2003. In 2003, the speedway was sold to International Speedway Corporation. One of its Nextel Cup races was given to ISC’s California Speedway. The track held its last race in 2004 before Hillenburg took over management.

In the interim, the speedway had been as a testing track and often a movie set. Scenes from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Days of Thunder were shot at the speedway.

The final blow to Hillenburg’s efforts might have come in October 2013, when NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series schedule was released sans Rockingham. One month earlier, NASCAR officials announced the the K&N Pro Series East series in November 2013 had been canceled.

In the news release, a NASCAR official provided a telling but vague description of what the Rockingham track lacked: “The track failed to meet its obligations and we were forced to terminate the sanction agreement.”

Details on what obligations were not met need were released.

In the book Rockingham Speedway, published in 2013 and written by Rick Houston and Bryan Hallman, the authors recounted the rich championship tradition of the speedway, which opened in 1965.

“The legendary Curtis Turner made his return to NASCAR with a victory in the tracks inaugural event in 1965, while local favorite Benny Parsons clinched the 1973 championship here. A 1994 victory at Rockingham clinched that years NASCAR championship for Dale Earnhardt. It was his seventh title, tying Earnhardt with Richard Petty for most in the sports history.”


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  • Jane Moss

    Sad. I loved the days when the track was North Carolina Motor Speedway. It was so much fun. I wish it could come back to life.

    • rick covington

      does this include the drag track also,?

      • daniel gwyn

        No..Rockingham driveway is is doing very well..Steve Eastwood owns it.

  • Russell Parker

    I would like to get more answers on what the bank plans to do with the track. Are they going to put it up for auction? Sell it? Or something nobody in Richmond County wants to see happen?

  • Jeff Williams

    I went to a lot of races there. I can remember when I was a kid riding in on the Coca Cola truck with my uncle. Sure gonna miss it if anything happens to it.

  • Thomas Baucom

    This is a real shame – hopefully something can be worked before or by September 25.

  • Joe Michael

    Thanks for trying Andy !!!!

  • Alice Kaulfers

    More than just a shame…this is another lethal blow to the town of Rockingham and its already struggling economy.

  • Susan Smith

    Kevin Spradlin do you know anything about racing? Because last time I checked ARCA is not “low-tier” It is where the professionals begin, in essence it is a stepping stone for the NASCAR drivers but plenty of professionals make their living in this series. As a fan of the series I was thrilled that Hillenburg brought it back to this establishment and was completely satisfied, even for 2012 when NASCAR returned.

    • peedeepost

      No, Ms. Smith, I don’t know anything about racing. That’s why I researched more knowledgable outlets, linked to them and credited them for those words accordingly from the report.

      ARCA is not NASCAR and in the hierarchy of auto racing, NASCAR is No. 1. To argue otherwise … well, that’d be an interesting read.

      Anyway, the story didn’t call ARCA “low-tier” racing as you suggest, but “lower-tier” racing, which is a spot-on description.

      Thank you for writing.


      Kevin Spradlin, managing editor
      301 E. Washington St.
      Rockingham, NC 28379


      • Corey Latham

        Worked with Andy and his guys for many years. They tried all they could, in the end it was the same reason that it fell into demise before, the fans did not support it. When the reopening of a NASCAR track so rich in heritage, and with tons of advertising and marketing only draws 600 people or so, there is nothing more than you can do. And Susan, ARCA is pretty low tier, yeah it’s on TV some but it’s not the big leagues of racing. The majority of the races held there under Andy were the UARA Late Model series races and the Frank Kimmel Street Stock series. Both of which had stellar car counts and races, but the amount of fans even in the greatest weather was pitiful to say the least. The “people” have nothing to blame but themselves.

        • Racerjon

          I remember Andy as a driver but didn’t know him personally. But I would like to thank him for his outstanding effort in keeping racing alive at Rockingham. Nobody can fault him for his efforts in trying.

      • James

        you are dead on I love ARCA racing but it is lower-tier racing because of the lack of big pay-outs from the tracks, great racing just no big money involved in it thats why the same guy wins nearly all the championships

      • Corey MacQueen

        Kevin, you wrote the article perfectly… ARCA is indeed a lower-tier deal than the Rock previously held.

        Andy Hillenburg… thanks for the efforts. You rock.

      • Michelle

        Would you please let people know who your source is?

      • Trucker

        Good answer Kevin, to Susan Smith’s “not to correct” question.

      • Trevor Diabo

        “hierarchy of auto racing, NASCAR is No. 1.”

        HMMM,,, I don’t think so!!!! I’d say ask Bernie and company who that might be!!! Maybe FORMULA 1?

        Anyway, as a former Johnny Benson fan, this place holds a special spot. Great track with a unique layout. Too bad it didn’t fit into NASCAR’s cookie-cutters!!

    • don runkle

      Arca is a lower tier of racing susan, just look at the stands during a nascar race vs an arca race…. have some knowledge before talking about something you know nothing about.

    • Mark Parity

      Susan, you’re absolutely wrong. ARCA is low-tier. “Where professionals begin” IS lowest-tier.

      Back to your homework now.


    • Scott

      In relation to NASCAR sanctioned events, it’s a low-tier series.

  • Billy Bob

    Blame Bruton Smith.

    • Rich

      No. You can’t blame Bruton Smith. He had to go where the money is. When a track doesn’t fill up, I’m sorry it has to go. He went to other tracks that support racing. Put the blame on the fans that didn’t come at the later years…

      • Ghostrider

        Ok Rich… have you noticed the last few years all the empty seats at most tracks? Dover,Indy Charlotte,Cali and the list goes on. So much that Nascar don’t even count attendances anymore at the races. Yeah,you can blame fans as part of it if you like but Bruton,cold climate dates,Bruton,economy, and Bruton and Nascar played a role in the demise as well. And based on what I see as what is owed to you think if both truck races were full it would cover the costs to run it all the time? Just saying. Again attendance sucks at a lot of race tracks but they still are open.

        • silent majority

          Bruton purchased the track to close it. He had no intentions of keeping this track on the circuit. There was plenty of fans at the last cup race and plenty at all the races before that, even though we had 1 of, if not, the worst date on the schedule..

  • Dale SheetzJr.

    A true shame!! We attended the last truck race at the Rock. We have not been and probably won’t be to another nascar event again. The Rock was awesome. Let the nascar monopoly roll on without it’s home root fans.

  • Steve Neel

    Andy I appreciate everything you did to try to bring back the Rock! You are one of my favorite personalities, and love that you continue to be in our lives on Sirius/XM Speedway.

  • John Martin

    I am from Richmond County, Hamlet, NC and I am old enough to know when, who and how it all got started and I am saddened to see it go by the way side for the county and surrounding area. In the grand scheme of things I guess it just isn’t a fit anymore for the big time events that racing requires. It would be great if something could be worked out to bring in some kind of events or a type of educational uses and purposes for the facility. It is just a shame to let a venue like this simply die on the vine. But I also know a facility like this requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its health and that may just be part of the issue here. Plus at this time the economy isn’t in the best of health either not just Richmond County but the country as a whole so that too is a problem. So for the county let’s all hope that something good will happen. Also, I grew up playing golf at the country club just down the road and I understand it too has fallen on hard times and to me that is truly a shame as it is one of Donald Ross’ master pieces in design, let’s not forget that either. Simply economics plays such a role in the success or the opposite of venues like this and I am afraid it has claimed both….

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  • http://facebook Jeff Jarrell

    I live in Rockingham, I have been to many races, including the last Nascar race, all the polar bear races held by Andy Hillenberg. It is just sad that tracks like this are a “dying breed” , now even Darlington has only one race a year. I would rather go to Rockingham or Darlington than Charlotte, I have been to all three, but fans and drivers both love these type of race track. It makes me sad that people are just so easy to dismiss history because more money can be mad. Prime example is Bruton Smith, he is greedy and honestly, I think he cares less about the fans and racing, he is just a business man out to make money ! I really hope to go back to another race. I really enjoyed going with my family and friends, Rockingham needs this, its been with us for a long time.

  • JLindbert

    I attended the very first race at Rockingham. It was called the American 500 I think. Curtis Turner was the winner, nearly 49 years ago.

    So sad to see these tracks closed.

  • will english

    Rockingham is a victim of NASCAR’S success. We never had a good race least in the later years. The track originally had a great was actually called the Peach Blossom 400. And peaches folks, do not blossom in early February nor in late October. If Rockingham had kept that spring race date we would STILL be on the schedule. Our race dates were leftovers after later tracks to join the circuit got the cream of the crop. Michigan, Pocono, Dover all got better dates than we did. No one can be expected to flock to a 500 mile race in mid February. We can…and have had snow at that time of year. Tracks like Rockingham got NASCAR where they are today…and deserved better treatment. Pocono, TWO races in an 8 week period…Dover TWO races at the most boring place EVER..Kentucky with a race on a track so rough the drivers have to wear a mouthpiece to keep from breaking their teeth out. Give us a spring or fall race UNDER THE LIGHTS and we will fill the joint up. Rockingham is a great track to spectators at…AND to race at. Certainly not another cookie cutter clone..but a REAL race track with a heritage of great racing and a challenge for competitors. Bring the ROCK back!

  • Corey MacQueen

    the bottom line is this… Rockingham failed as a whole, it wasn’t just the fans’ fault, it wasn’t just NASCAR’s fault, it wasn’t just Bruton’s fault, it wasn’t just the town’s fault. A track is much like a race team…. the combination, the “chemistry” has to be perfect to be a success; but I will say this much… if the fans filled the seats, then NASCAR, Bruton, and the town would’ve built up more to follow the fans. This sport isn’t the “Field of Dreams”… it isn’t “if you build it, they will come”; it works the other way – the fans gotta come for the building to get done.

    • Racerjon

      If you would take notice Cory, the fans aren’t filling the seats at most of the tracks that NASCAR runs at. And it’s because of one simple reason; NASCAR is shooting itself in the foot. A lot of the old fans of NASCAR have given up on their comic book rules which they change in mid-stream to benefit whoever they want them to and they kicked the old, true fans to the curb over money. Prime example is Bristol. It was the little guy who made NASCAR what it is by buying tickets and attending races. Then when the big time money came in, the big corporations and businesses bought blocks of tickets to treat their customers and employees to the races and the little guy couldn’t buy a ticket anymore. All they did was brag how hard it was to buy a ticket to Bristol.

      Then the economy lays an egg and the big corporations and businesses aren’t there buying up all the tickets to Bristol. Then they have the gall to come back to the little guy who made them what they are and tell us that we can buy a ticket now because the big money isn’t there anymore? I wouldn’t buy a ticket to Bristol if they were selling them for $1.00 and I live ten minutes from the track. NASCAR is screwing itself and I have absolutely no sympathy for them at all.

  • The Rev R2

    The comments about blaming Bruton Smith are misplaced. The track was last owned by International Speedway Corporation, which is associated with the France family and NASCAR, not Bruton Smith’s Speedway Motorsports, Inc. (Opposite side of the same coin.)

    Not that it makes the demise of the track any less sad. ISC moved the Rock’s race dates to Fontana and another ISC track. All driven by money. The promotors are after people in the seats and, more importantly, TV market. The Rock could deliver neither, no matter how good the racing was.

    I commend Andy Hillenburg for trying to make a go of this track, and hate to see it fail. It saddens me to see Wilkesboro overgrown with trees and I hope the same doesn’t happen here.

  • Paulie Peurralt

    It’s good to cherish the memories. But the best thing to do is face reality and move on. There will never be a market for a track that size in Rockingham ever again. This was the last best effort. Best thing to do now is market the land to commercial customers, for something like an Amazon distribution center or a Google server farm, or maybe even a solar power site.

  • Neill

    Don’t let it go away! Please! Somebody save it!
    Thanks for trying Andy.

  • Delores Sharpe

    I just like to Give a Big THANKS to Mr.Bill Silas and all His Family for coming all the way from Florida to help open the Track. Must of all I really miss the races all races. My Heart goes out to You for putting your Trust in Andy Hillenburg to Pay the Bills at the track. There was alot of money put in this track Just to open it if everyone go back and see all the money that was put in it. this was also put in News papers. my Understanding was Bill Silas was the owner and Andy Hillenburg was Co Owner. Mr. Silas Put His Trust in Andy to take care of things at the track. well Andy let people in Free. He also work Friends and Family Pay them Good Money. but m Saying when the track ant bringing ibn alot Money U cant be paying people at high rate and Letting people in Free. Thanks Again Mr. Bill Silas

  • Delores Sharpe

    I maybe wrong on the co owner. this maybe both of them. They Both Took A Gamble when they Purchase the Track. with the History of the track not being able to make it. I know there was alot of work put in this track i hate it has gone to waste. wheres the Money going Now for the Drag races. there was clips of a movie filmed up there wheres this money. Mr.Smith what are youy going to do with Track.

  • Ghostrider

    Some typical responses and some valid,some not. I too have supported the track when it was alive and well and when Andy purchased it. While I agree RC didn’t support it like I hoped, there were fans there. Both truck races had plenty of fans in the stands and I say that based on what I see each and every truck or Nationwide race. Heck have ya’ll? ARCA is what it is and it is lower-tier racing meaning you and I if we had a car could make the field. But I don’t care as I still went. I am sick and tired of the talking heads like on Sirius blaming the fans(yes they are talking about us) as the demise of the track. Nascar was owed money period. Like some have said Bruton Smith was the start of the demise and Nascar allowing him to manipulate and keep those cold climate dates is why fans decided to stay home more. All they had to do was give us a warmer climate date,throw some light up and the people would fill the stands again. Just like Darlington does now with their one date. Crap,look at Dover and alllll those empty seats,INDY? How does Dover make it? Does the state of Deleware or Nascar put money in it? Just asking. A crappy product,economy and things like Bruton’s greedy monopoly are some reasons as to why the sport attendance is failing. You want to do something right Nascar? Put some of your big money and help save this track and give a date back with lights. Not only will you gain fans back for saving the history of Nascar,but it will be a popular decision with the drivers and teams that are based only 2 hrs away.

    I also heard that Hendrick and some other big wig wanted to purchase it but Andy said no and he let it forclose. I can’t see that but heck who knows. I mean now they can get it cheaper. I hope something or someone will happen to bring it back. Nascar….step up and gain some fans back you have lost. Now I do blame folks in RC as well as I know the county could have supported it better. You should have supported it regardless if you didn’t like racing as it does help our crappy economy. 20 bucks a ticket. Come on. Introduce your kid to something other than freaking soccer and video games lol. O well…too late now. Reagrdless,it’s not just the fans fault talking heads on radio and TV.

    I hope and pray something good comes out of this as it is painful for this long time fan to ride by and see it turning into N. Wilksboro. Nascar step up and take over and model it like Darlington. We will come back………..

  • Old Timer

    The Rock is a great old historic track that provided great racing. It would still do so today, but the rural location and growth of NASCAR led to its demise. Corporate sponsors want to be in Chicago, Miami etc not the rural Sandhills of North Carolina.
    Andy Hillenburg tried to make it work with sweat equity by himself. Sadly it didn’t work out and this is likely the final chapter. RIP

  • George Sunderland

    RIP LG. He loved all racers and race fans especially grass roots racers like the karters who ran the NCMS rad course for years. I and many other racers still view NCMS as our favorite track to drive of all time. Shame on Penske for ruining it all with his greed. And sadly, had Andy been initially willing to rent the place on more favorable terms, it would still be in use every day by karters, bike racers, and car clubs.

  • Dustin Blake

    Truly sad news, Andy gave everything he could. I drove clear from Colorado twice to make both Truck races. I was the first one in the campground the day it opened that last time and it was truly the best place I had ever attended a race at. I understand the area doesn’t have much to offer in terms of entertainment. But there is a ton of natural beauty around the area.
    After the race I took the time to go Carolina Beach a few hours away to close out my trip.

    If I hit the lottery Sunday night I would love to buy this place and put it in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing. But to make it work you’d have to buy another track like Dover or Pocono and steal their Cup Dates back to make the place a success.

  • Chris

    Bulldoze it and leave it as a memory because it won’t be no more than that. The lands worth more then the crap that’s on it. Sell it to the highest scrap bidder

    • http://peedeepost Ryan

      What really doomed this track was NASCAR poor scheduling. Simply put, they need to schedule races according to climate at the tracks. I went to the Rock back in 2003 and sat freezing in turn 1. That’s just not giving it a chance. Simple solution.

  • Donnie

    R2 is correct. International Speedway Corporation is a France control company, which also owns Daytona International Speedway as well as a few others. ISC bought the Rock for peanuts, just so he could take the races from there, and place them where more butts would be in the seats. Just like the North Wilkesboro and New Hampshire. The owner of New Hampshire bought North Wilkesboro just so he could get a second race date. I personally would go to 4 races a year at Wilkesboro before I would attend one in New Hampshire’s boring race.

  • Jay Hudson

    in my opinion NASCAR betrayed the fans trust, and love of the sport when they allowed Penske and Bruton Smith to desert the track.

    I’m sure Andy did the best he could, but my observations from the day he bought the track was that he was not a competent businessman.

    I was continually shocked at the weak PR from his team, the naming of the speedway to the signage locations in areas where they couldn’t even be read because of Sun glare.

    If he could keep the track I would suggest to him that he walk across Highway one and spend time consulting with Steve Earwood. Then, I would change the name on the facade to Rockingham Super Speedway, because it was one of NASCAR’S first super speedways.
    It would take a book to list all the things done wrong there, but Andy did his best, and I commend him for trying.

    I still don’t understand why he didn’t take the track public in a stock offering so he could save his investment.


    The track was last owned by speedway motor sports which is Bruton Smith’s. Bruton got the speedway from ISC as part of a settlement with nascar over a race for his Texas track. On paper he payed $100,000,000. For the track. Bruton was also a partner in the purchase of the NW track. Several efforts have been made to bring racing back to NW with possibly a truck race. Reports say that Bruton has blocked all efforts to race at Wilkesboro. As for the Rock he put it up for auction to get out of paying taxes on it. It was listed at $30,000,000 on the county tax books. The two truck races Andy had appeared to have above average attendance for a stand alone truck race. Look at U-tube and you will see a large crowd for a truck race in both the front and back grandstands. If half everyone in the county attended a race we could not support the track alone. The real problem as it is with a lot of things in the county is that the State(both NC and SC)news media did not support the races here. You will see segments on the Charlotte TV stations about Brutons Oct. Race starting in Aug. Race Week you will see coverage every night and several nights after the race. I know we are not in their coverage area. However Nascar is a national racing org. and should get coverage when an event is in the near-by area. With the truck race here there was little or no coverage before the race and less than a min. after the race. I have also wondered why he did not take the track public with a stock offering. I think there are things behind the scene that none of us know about. I have been told that Bruton does not want racing in Rockingham as it would possible draw from his fan base and affect his attendance. Same for NW. I never understood why andy was so quite after the truck race was taken away. I have been told that it was more than failing to meet obligations and politics with in Nascar played a part in it. As for attendance at the smaller races no one every knew when they were going on. No local or area coverage of them or their results. I am sure that they were on the Speedway’s web page but the average citizen would never look there unless something told him that an event was going to happen at the track. How did Andy build the little Rock track and add the safer barriers at the track if he did not make some money to do it. I still have a lot of questions

  • George Sunderland

    First off its NCMS. And its not in the middle of nowhere. Easily accessible from I-95 and Raleigh with Southern Pines and Pinehurst nearby. BTW did you see the turnout at nearby Pinehurst for golf? Golf for God’s sake. Greed and very bad business decisions killed NCMS. NASCAR Greed. Penske Greed. And yes, Andy was greedy too requiring renters to pay far more than other venues such as Roebling Road and even Pocono and he even insisted on the use a mandatory 24 hour security firm run by a friend at outrageous rates. He wouldn’t even allow camping in the track which grass roots club racers insist on. Andy thought he would make a killing renting it for NASCAR practice and when that dried up he had no plan B. LG just gave us the keys to the place on Friday and said have a safe and good time. He loved all racers and race fans especially grass roots racers like the karters who ran the NCMS road course for years. I and many other racers still view NCMS as our favorite track to drive of all time. Shame on Penske for ruining it all with his greed. And sadly, had Andy been initially willing to rent the place on more favorable terms, it would still be in use every day by karters, bike racers, and car clubs. The only thing that causes us to still hope is the land isn’t worth much as a development. Run by folks who know how to run a business and who truly love racing it could certainly be viable.

  • Gabrielle

    this needs to be taken down. Most families don’t want their financial information shared on the Internet like this. If you wouldn’t want this to happen to you, don’t do this to others. I have never been so ashamed of my county. It’s beyond inconsiderate.

  • http://N/A R. Patterson

    I grew up between Rockingham & Darlington in what I consider the heart & birthplace of the old Winston Cup series championship series. Now the Sprint cup series represents the history of this sport of our old sandhill bootleggers!
    As profit usurped the history of the sport the old fans who once filled the tracks to watch everyone from “Fireball” Roberts to the nearly household name of Petty no longer come to these new blueprint races. No more line for a carton of Winston cigarettes. Laughable now with political correctness embedded in the fabric of society. Rockingham has become simply another memory of what was our carefree southern past. MONEY, has and sadly will dictate the future of this sport. Could anyone have imagined the old “Winston Cup” in Michigan or California? Change for bad or good is inevitable .

  • Tim

    Few people are aware of the ‘sanction fee’ charged by and payable to NASCAR for the ‘privilege’ of hosting a NASCAR event. For the CWTS race, this fee was close to $500,000. This is money required to be paid months in advance of the event. Need to put a lot of people in the stands after paying this BEFORE even thinking about making a profit.
    For ISC tracks, this fee is simply shuffling funds from one corporation to another.
    Add in the required installation of the SAFER barriers before NASCAR would even entertain an event here ($1million), along with the Rockingham hotels getting greedy on race weekend, and other sponsors not living up to their agreements, and things went downhill.
    Andy trying to resurrect Rockingham was a labor of love. The love of racing. He hoped to bring it back for the fans. Thank you Andy for giving us another taste of the quality of racing that Rockingham always delivered.
    Hopefully, someone who loves racing will pick this up and continue what Andy started.

  • Joe T

    Greed, rules and regs killed NASCAR! It’s not racing any more. Just moving billboards!!

  • Tom Holland

    Anyone, and I mean anyone who feels that NASCAR is racing, is out of there ever loving mind. It is nothing but a 4 hour parade of cars. Fans know this now. Look at the grandstands every week. With the formation of the owner union, I see changes or they are gone. Just like Rockingham. I blame NASCAR for Rockinghams undoing.

  • will english

    Humpy Wheeler had a very interesting proposal today about starting a new racing series that could be ran at discarded NASCAR tracks, and when HE talks, people listen. Charlotte, arguably the most successful track in NASCAR history, owes most of..if not all its success to Humpy Wheeler, NOT Bruton Smith, arguably the most disliked person in the motorsports industry. The only issue with Rockingham is that since 1965 our very knowlegible local fans have enjoyed the very best, highest tier racing in the country. Any lower tier series will struggle here after the fans are used to the top. Sort of being used to prime rib, but suddenly all you get is hamburger every day.

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